Architectural Rendering & Oman’s real-estate Boom

Oman’s meteoric rise in the Mid-east property market has made it a hot destination for us too. As you probably know, we are a 3D architectural rendering studio based out of Qatar and we always look for exciting collaboration opportunities in neighboring countries.

Oman’s growing prominence in the Mid-East property market, therefore, brings for us a fresh air of hope and positivity. The real estate boom in Oman is in itself a growth indicator for the country’s interior designing industry. Studies have concluded that the Omani market for interior design products is getting larger every single day. More interestingly, Omani homeowners are going back to the traditional Omani cultural themes while redesigning or designing their home interiors. They are adding traditional Omani furniture and antique pieces to their homes.

Oman homes going back to the oriental roots?

Omani culture and traditional belief systems are influencing modern architectural styles and patterns in Oman. For example, direct access to the other rooms of a house than the front room is not encouraged in Oman. Omani homeowners are concerned about the privacy of their homes and they want their guests only to use the front door for entering their homes. Another example of Omani style of interior designing is that the homeowners often go for multicolored walls in the same room. Use of gypsum false ceilings, decorative lighting, and strategically placed spotlights is another aspect of modern day Oman interior desecrating and designing trends.

How can we contribute to the Oman interior designing scene? Well, our 3D architectural and interior visuals and CGI rendering services can be effectively used by builders, architects and homeowners for designing home and office interiors in a cost-effective way.

What are the workspace design trends in Oman?

Workstations in Oman are getting more spacious and there’s a greater emphasis on ventilation and lighting than ever before. Since we are from Qatar and we have been working closely with our esteemed clients in this country for years now, we need not be explained about the importance of prayer rooms in Oman offices too. In addition to this, adequate provision for data networking points and electrical points should also be added. Our 3D architectural visualization experts have also found that semi-transparent glass doors and gypsum board partitions have already gone all the rage in Omani commercial interior designing market. Also, there’s a growing demand for central air-conditioning in Oman offices, and it seems that Omani business owners are more interested in low-partition workstations than common cabin structures.

How would showrooms in Oman ideally look like?

In Oman, the growing emphasis on adequate lighting in showroom interior designing for properly highlighting the products gives us a shot in the arm. Interior lighting 3D rendering service is a service that has been out forte for so many years now. Generally speaking, spotlights, wall washers and overall lights are trending in the Oman market now. One small advice from us to Omani showroom owners and designers, the storage lighting and display area lighting should be properly balanced. We can 3D render false ceiling, floor texture and a lot of related components of showroom interior designing, something that we have been doing for our Qatar 3D architectural and interior visuals clients for years now.

Welcome changes in Oman interior design market

Oman’s urban landscape is fast changing, and so are the interior designing themes and patterns. A slew of banks, restaurants, shopping malls and restaurants have changed from inside over the years and from our perspective, the changes have been mesmerizingly fresh and breakthrough in many respects too. To cite a few examples, the Darsait Infiniti car showroom, The GE showroom at Qurm, Salalah’s Crowne Plaza hotel interiors, Safeer International Hotel, Al Araimi shopping mall among others have already got or currently going through a massive makeover.

What do we do (and how can we help in developing super-awesome interior designs)?

We have redefined standard 3D visualization services business into a more technical support based service. We don’t just visualize, but we bring to the table a world of benefits that come along with the 3D architectural rendering tools, techniques and expertise. We look forward to collaborating with interior designing major players in Oman and we can surely bring more perfection in the interior space designs, thanks to the 3D rendering technologies that have taken interior designing and planning to an altogether different level.


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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director