Render Atelier & Architects Hub to boost Qatar Architecture

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The Architects’ Hub is a networking platform which promotes and fosters entrepreneurship. It also provides impetus to the architects, structural designers, real property developers and virtually everybody who is engaged in the business of architecture in Qatar.

In a bid to promote entrepreneurship and to enhance collaboration in the field of architecture in Qatar, Render Atelier 3D Architectural Rendering company recently joined hands with the Architects’ Hub. Here’s what we think about this symbiotic relationship with Architects’ Hub.


What is Architects’ Hub?

The Architects’ Hub is by nature and purpose a platform for architectural design professionals and architects who are willing to raise the bars for Qatar based architects and 3D rendering professionals. This not just a networking platform, but it’s also a place for showcasing, advertising, fostering partnerships, creating leads and entering joint ventures with the best people and organizations.

What’s so common between Render Atelier and Architects’ Hub?

Advertising, showcasing and connecting are the three main mantras of Architects’ Hub. The professional networking platform provides an online project gallery as well as an exclusive gallery for the members. Like Architects’ Hub, we also believe in the power of advertising, showcasing and connecting. So we keep our clients in the loop about the latest developments in the world of architecture in Qatar and all over the world. Through our social media pages, newsletters and F2F networking, we engage with a lot of people and organizations on a regular basis.

What do we especially like about Architects’ Hub?

Architects’ Hub online community has a MeetUp group which has more than four hundred and fifty active members. Since most of the members are Qatar-based only, it gives us an immense opportunity to share our projects, experiences, ideas, and knowledge with the people and organizations that are keen to go to the next level of architectural rendering and also add an extra dimension to the whole process of rendering!

Shaping the future of architecture in Qatar together

We believe our partnership with Architects’ Hub adds value to the community, as we together promote excellence in the field of architecture. Andrea Corsini, our design director, and founder met Omeima Ismaiel, the founder of Architects’ Hub in 2016. At that time, we had just started our operations in Doha. Here’s what Ms. Omeima Ismaiel had to say about Render Atelier 3D Architectural Rendering and Andrea Corsini – the founder.

“Andrea has since then taken Render Atelier to new heights by creating an amazing success story and all along has been very keen to share his experiences and tips on how to achieve success as a business. His quality of work and his professionalism of delivering their services set Render Atelier apart from other similar service providers.  Andrea makes it personal. He is always ready to share, talk and offer advice. This is the greatest value we can offer our community and Render Atelier is one of our key partners.”

We must say this is the best compliment we have ever received from a partner.

A few words about Omeima Ismaiel

Omeima is an architect and an interior designer. She holds a Master’s degree in architectural design management from Instituto de Empresa in Spain. She is also a member of the British Institute of Interior Design, UK. Having lived in Qatar for about 30 years, Omeima has worked as an architect in both private public sectors. Omeima is also a representative of the Rome Chamber of Architects for Qatar.

To know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director