Why 3D Architectural Rendering is an art form

3D architectural rendering

3D architectural rendering is now both an art form and a means to transmit information through a digital medium. 3D rendering is the new-age way of telling stories and evoking emotions, something that real estate enterprises are embracing.

Experienced renderers know how to immix information with decoration, which means their renders are both aesthetically pleasing and full of relevant information.

3D architectural rendering and 3D storytelling


Is 3D Rendering the Most Impactful Way to Create Photorealistic Images?

Ever wondered why 3D renders are so accurate, impactful and visually appealing? This is because today’s 3D renderers know the art of 3D storytelling, and add different perspectives to the features of a project. Also, the challenge is to highlight the right aspects of interior and exterior renderings and interior renderings. 3D rendering can create the symmetry and evoke a feeling of snugness, which are critical elements of visual persuasion. The dramatic setting of each and every 3D render tells a story of its own – a story of creativity and precision engineering.

The Role of Lighting

Just like lighting has a pivotal role on the theatre stage, it can also make or break a 3D architectural rendering. How the materials will look very much depends on how bright the colors are. Lights define the atmosphere and the job of a 3D artist is to create realistic lighting. Spot lights, ambient lights, volume lights, directional lights, ambient lights are some of the lights we use for bringing our 3D renders to life. So when the sunlight beams through the glass windows of an upcoming shopping mall in Doha, the interiors get ablaze with the daylight illumination. Observation is the key.

3D Architectural Rendering As an Art Form

3D rendering is already recognized as an art form and 3D modeling is an integral part of 3D rendering. The onus is on the 3D artists to make the 3D renders indistinguishable from photos and make them appealing to the eyes. At Render Atelier 3D Architectural Rendering company we perfectly know that 3D modeling takes a lot of stamina and perseverance. The main challenge lies in choosing the right proportions, creating the fine detailing and making the texture look real from all perspectives. We also work on the reflexion and glossiness of the materials. We apply dirt maps to make the furniture look slightly weathered.

Post-Production Plays an Important Role in 3D Storytelling

3D rendering is not just showing a realistic image to demonstrate the finer details of exterior and interior designs. It can very well become your asset for selling a real estate project. 3D storytelling can be defined as a way of showing a real estate project from the prospective customer’s POV.

Adding a Pinch of Drama

Experienced 3D artists can just tweak the lighting and bring out the textures. They can apply motion blur wherever needed add figures and objects as per your needs. The idea is to make the end 3D rendition life-like and full of dramatic elements.

If you want to tell a story about your project, 3D architectural rendering is the way to go.

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director