5 Benefits of Using 3D Rendering in your Interior Design Presentation

Interior Design Presentation

Interior designers these days often try to sell their designs by creating glossy and visually appealing marketing collaterals. However, if you are into interior designing, you don’t just sell a design. You sell an idea. And this is where interior designers miss the bigger picture – they focus more on the design aspects, which are more about aesthetics than anything else, but they miss out on the profitability aspect. Interior design presentation should be idea-centric, and not solely design-centric. However, the potential clients of interior designers speak numbers and facts, and they are always looking for tangible proofs. Real estate entrepreneurs and buyers always conduct cost-effectiveness analysis before investing in big projects. Therefore, designers need to propose stunning ideas in an innovative way to convince potential clients.

3D interior design rendering – a powerful way to sell your idea

There was a time when interior designers had to deliver impactful sales speech to bag contracts. However, with technological advancements, it has now become a lot easier for interior designers to present their concepts. 3D interior design rendering is a technology-laden means to render photorealistic images of hotels, shopping malls, offices and other types of real properties. You can harness the power of rendering to make your interior design presentation impactful, easy-to-understand and factual.

Benefits of presenting your interior design presentation using 3D rendering technologies

  • The competitive edge

Are you in the running for a really big project which is also being targeted by pretty string interior designers? Well, you can be a cut above the rest by captivating your audience with stunning imagery, taking them on a virtual tour around the future project and bringing finer details of the project to life. Zoom into a specific section of the interior design render if a potential client is impressed and wants to see more.

  • Offer more than one version

This could be a tremendous advantage. While your competitors talk about only one design (or barely one idea), you can include more than one stunning design in your presentation. This, as you can assume, doubles your chances of winning the project.

  • Chances of developing a good relationship with the client

When an interior designer and a client are on the same page about different aspects of a project, they can work in harmony. Your client cannot achieve their specific goals if you and your client cannot work in a synchronized manner. 3D interior design rendering helps you in communicating your ideas upfront.

  • The client sets realistic expectations

Since the potential client gets to see the finer details of the project in advance, he already knows what the possible outcome is. This helps the client in setting realistic expectations, which is necessary for meaningful collaboration between you and the client.

  • Faster approval

If you present your ideas in the form of 3D rendered images, you always stand the chance of getting faster approval from your client. This is because the client already knows the steps and the different design aspects of the project.

Ready to take advantage of 3D Rendering in your Interior Design Presentation?

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director