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Transform your ideas into stunning, realistic visualizations with our expert 3D rendering services.

Project Analysis

Agile Workflow

We believe in working as a partner with you in all projects, constantly sharing updates and discussing your views at various developmental stages so that we can together deliver the best.

Visual Excellence

We ensure that your pitches will always steal the show with high quality, photo realistic imagery designed par excellence that bring your ideas to life.

Brand Building

We deliver 3D renderings and CGIs with unmatched visual appeal that serve as assets for your portfolio and as part of marketing collaterals.

Interior Rendering

Have you ever wished for a way to share the beauty of your interiors vison with your client – to impress upon them how that globed light fitting will enhance their villa entrance or how important it would be to have a marbled column in the hotel foyer?.

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Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering

Have you been looking for a way to share the brilliance of your architectural plan for a project in such a way that the client can understand the beauty of it?

We offer you photorealistic 3D architectural renderings that not only highlight the subtle detailing, but also bring out the aesthetic appeal of it.

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Real Estate Rendering

As a real-estate developer or construction company, you invest a lot into your projects. Breathe life into your upcoming projects by giving them visual shape in the form of digital brochures and imagery.

Render Atelier offers photo-realistic real-estate 3D rendering services that can give a jump-start to the performance of your under-construction projects.

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Real Estate Rendering

3D Animation

The Render Atelier 3D Visualizations Studio offer 3D animation tours that demonstrate the design vision of unbuilt projects and products. These virtual tours replicate the environment of your concept in every detail and curve, thanks to the architects who drive the design effort at Render Atelier

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VR & 360 Tours

Render Atelier provides interactive, 3D experiences for high-investment projects, allowing your clientele to be completely immersed in the richness of the detail– from the grain on the expensive marble table to the glint of real stainless-steel frames. Viewers may also explore the environment freely – changing angles or textures or furnishings.

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VR & 360 Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What are 3D renderings and how can they help with my project?

Computer Generated Images (CGI) or 3D renderings are three dimensional visualisations of your architectural floor plans or designs.

Architectural 3D renderings help you and your clients see how your plan and idea will look in real life. They help your clients see how the final outcome will be and what it might be like to walk inside or around the premise, and make financial approvals for your project.

How do I find a 3D architectural rendering company?

Once you decide on getting 3D renderings developed for your projects, you can make a selection for an architectural rendering company based on your budget and project specification.

You can search online for 3D architectural rendering studios, or ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues. You can check portfolios and testimonials of companies online as well. Before making a selection, you can plan meetings with various organisations to see what suits your needs based. The best outcome for your project comes about when you work with 3Drendering studios with years of experience in the field of architecture, real estate and interior design with international clients.

What is the process for commissioning a 3D architectural rendering?

The process of commissioning a 3D rendering project is like starting with projects with any other creative organisation. Prior to beginning the project, the budget and delivery timeline should be discussed in detail, and the revision and communication plan should be clearly discussed.

Once you have signed the project agreement, you can share your technical brief with the assigned project team with your specific interior or architectural requirements. Our project managers will be preparing a project schedule which will include all the desired outcome and creative inclinations of the tasks.

How do I know if the 3D architectural rendering agency understands my vision?

Before starting the project with the 3D rendering team, it is important that your vision for the CGI is understood by the 3D artists and they commit to deliver to expectations. You can also set up regular meetings, whether virtual or physical for regular review of the deliverables. The 3D architectural renderings are developed instages, and you must make sure to oversee the developments and take reports at each of these to make sure there is no misalignment at the end.

The organisation’s portfolio tells a great deal of the kind of projects they have worked on before and the quality delivered that this information can help you a great deal in understanding if it will be the right match for your vision. Ideally, you should be opting for studios with wide experience in working with international clients in the field of architecture, interior design and real estate so that the team can easily understand and deliver upon your vision.

How much should I expect to pay for a 3D architectural rendering?

As with any kind of service, the cost you pay for a set of 3D architectural renderings for your project depends on the competence of the 3D renderings company you will be selecting. For complex projects that require highly specialised and experienced artists to work on them, the cost of the CGI will naturally be higher.

You can compare prices and services of various 3D artist and architectural rendering organisations and match with your budget. Almost all organisations will offer you a quote after a good understanding of your project, expectations and vision.

How long do interior and architectural renderings take to be made?

The time taken for delivery of 3D renderings for your architectural project depends on the complexity of the design, detailing, revisions required, and so on. The average time a project is delivered is in about a few days to a few weeks. However, this is subject to change based on project specifications. You can get in touch with us for further details on delivery timelines.

What data is to be submitted to the 3D rendering studio at the start of the project?

To begin working on your project, the 3D rendering studio will require all data pertinent to your project. You will need to provide all available project data such as 2D Drawings (Autocad) or 3D models (DWG, REVIT, MAX, 3DS, FBX, SketchUp), technical drawings, material specifications and reference concept images.

How many revisions are done before the final 3D renderings are delivered?

To maintain optimal workflow, the 3D studio team stays in regular contact with the client via video calls, emails or any other preferred mode, and so, the process of creating the renderings is not siloed but a collaborative one. However, there are 2 standard formal revisions submitted at the white clay model stage and after addition of fixtures, furniture and equipment, before sharing the final version.

What kind of revisions can be made after receiving a 3D architectural rendering?

The extent of revisions will depend on the agreement between you and the 3D rendering company. It is important to clearly communicate any desired changes and agree on the revision process before commissioning the rendering.

Is your data safe with the 3D architectural studio?

Before starting any architectural rendering project, the studio signs an Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) and follows any other privacy policy compliance rules required by your organisation. The entire process from beginning to end is highly transparent.

Hence, you can be assured that while working with a reputed 3D architectural studio, your data is completely safe. It is advised to get clarity on data safety regulations with the studio team before commencing with the project.

Can our 3D visualisation architectural studio take on urgent and complex projects?

Yes, the studio can take on urgent projects. With the strength of a large team with years of experience, we can take up urgent projects, with altered revision and delivery timelines. However, you must notify us at least 36 to 72 hours before the deadline. Please reach out to us for further details for urgent project delivery based on your architectural project specifications.

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