Why 3D Exterior Design Is An Invaluable Tool For Architects

In earlier days, architects had to create hand-drawn sketches and illustrations to show clients their vision for a project. These could range from intricate, colored drawings to rough outlines to explain the idea behind the building. These sketches evoked more emotion than a technical drawing by an engineer. However, they still required the client to […]

3D Modeling: Here’s How Architects Can Take Their Work to the Next Level

Digital technology has completely revamped how architects work on their designs or even present their samples to clients. Software that enables 3D modeling design for buildings has also opened a plethora of opportunities to showcase different aspects and details of their work to potential customers. Architects and designers are taking advantage of the new age […]

Realistic Exterior Rendering: Here’s How 3D Artists Build Renders With Great Precision

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has transformed the way in which architects worked on their designs and showcased them to clients. Today, the capability of realistic rendering has made it simpler and more efficient to present architectural technicalities with great precision.  The artistic renderings designed at CGI studios have great precision and attention to detail. These renders […]

5 Types of Architectural Renders Every Architect Needs To Know About

Visual mediums are the best way to showcase your vision to potential clients. After all, explaining a concept in words simply doesn’t have the same impact as seeing an intricately detailed render of it. An architectural visualization is a valuable tool for architects that can present their vision in all its glory. Today’s state-of-the-art architectural […]

Top Architecture Magazines: The 7 Best Online Sources For Architects

Architecture is a constantly evolving and growing field. To become a leading architect, you must stay up to date with the latest happenings and trends in the industry.  Architecture magazines are a great source of information for architects and those interested in design. Through these publications, you can learn about innovations in the architecture world […]