VR 360 Tours

Traditional rendering techniques limit you to the contents of a frame. A 360 CGI frees the viewer by removing the boundaries. Viewing an interactive 360 creates an immersive experience that allows the consumer to choose where they wish to look and explore the design and the space at it’s fullest

VR 360 Tours

Hilton King Suite | Doha | 360 Tour

At Render Atelier we offer a custom player interface based on latest technology that will enable you to deliver your 360-degree project content on all platforms – PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones, so that you can showcase your design to your customers anytime, anywhere

Explore: King Suite 360 Tour

Flora Hotel | Dubai | 360 Tour

Cross compatibility on all devices, ability to enrich the virtual tour with customized texts, images, audio, links, geo-localization, interactive floor plans and a seamless integration with other point of views are only a few of the advanced and unique features we offer to our clients.

Explore: Lobby 360 Tour

Le Mirage Typical Apartment | Doha 360 Tour

The possibilities are endless and today this product is used by Developers and Manufacturers all over the world to give a unique impression to their potential costumers at events, exibitions booths or at their own showrooms and offices with a dedicated setup and immersive VR headsets.

Le Mirage Typical Apartment | Doha | 360 Tour

321 Cloverdale | Ottawa | 360 Tour


This could be also a powerful cost-efficient way to make decisions and changes throughout the designs process in an Architectural Project, considering that the changes can happen in real time this tool can eliminate the potential bottleneck of traditional rendering and animations.

We will follow you in every step of the way, from suggesting the best options and customized solutions for your needs to the setup and installation of the final product”

321 Cloverdale | Ottawa | 360 Tour