3 Secrets to Impress Your Clients with 3D Interior Design Renderings

3D interior design renderings

3D interior design renderingsWinning a client seems to be the most challenging job for any interior designer vying for the top spot in an increasingly crowded market. What’s the key to selling a design? Should you sell objects? Or you should sell an idea? Learn how to take advantage of the benefits of 3D interior design renderings.

Let’s get it straight. When you are approaching a potential client, you are not just selling objects, you are selling an idea.

And this is where most of the interior designers fail to capture the attention of their clients. Commercial interior designers mostly try to sell projects to the business owners – a niche group of people who speak in hard and dry facts and figures. Certainly, these are the people who always want to see the tangible proof. They want to see the designs that can ensure them high profitability. Moreover, they don’t want to spend a penny more than what is needed.

How do you stand out in the eye of a potential client – a big-ticket investor? Simply, you sell a ground-breaking idea to them.

The Challenge and How an Interior Designer Can Overcome It?

While this may sound easy, providing factual information on a project that doesn’t even exist can be tricky, more so when the client does not have an idea of sketches and drawings.

Once upon a time, architectural and interior designers used to win clients by delivering an eloquent speech. However, there has been a paradigm shift from drab presentations to eye-catching renderings. As an interior designer, you can now create restaurants, hallways, offices, patios, and whatnots using the power of 3D interior design renderings. This makes your presentations more impactful, fact-based and visually appealing.

How to achieve the optimal benefits of 3D interior design renderings by just presenting brilliant ideas?

Here are a few incredible benefits of using 3D interior design renderings for presenting your ideas to the potential client.

  • You get a good headstart

If there’s a big brand name that is competing with you, your presentation can be your strong point. With 3D rendered walkthrough or slides, you can create a captivating imager. In fact, it’s your chance to take your potential clients on a tour around a future property which still doesn’t exist. Can you imagine the kind of emotional impact you can create with 3D renders? Well, you can create an enduring effect this way.

  • Let your clients choose from concepts

3D interior design rendering actually enables you to present two different versions of the same project. Let your client choose from the multiple variations of the same project. So when your competitors are busy explaining the design aspects of a single project, you can utilize the same time frame to present multiple ideas.

  • A greater chance to convert prospects into clients

When you present your brilliant ideas through rendered 3D images, you sell an idea and at the same time, you get the chance to talk about the finer details of an upcoming project. Moreover, the client already gets a crystal clear idea of what he can achieve with the design.

Ideas will win you projects, not just words or images.

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director