Why Architects Choose Virtual Reality Over Mood Boards and Sketches

Virtual Reality can help you win more projects

Virtual Reality can help you win more projectsArchitects have tried many things to impress prospective clients – drawings, mood boards, and PowerPoint presentations. Virtual reality, although relatively new a concept, has gained currency among architects all around and for good reasons.

It might have already happened to you on one or more occasions that after putting a considerable effort into an architectural presentation, you have failed to impress the client. You have added finer details, created an inspirational mood board with forty different drawings and after one hour of going on and on about the different aspects of your project, all you got was an ambiguous “we’ll think about it and let you know” from the client.

Was the client not satisfied? Most likely. Should you blame yourself? Why should you? You did everything in your discretion but it didn’t work. So you have to make a choice at this moment. Either you dismiss the case of rejection as an isolated incident or you pull your socks up to take your presentation to another level. An effective way to

Virtual Reality Vs Mood boards and Sketches: Where Do You Get the Competitive Edge?

Architects have traditionally perceived VR as a super-technological game – much fun, but useless. However, thanks to the tremendous advancements of 3D rendering technologies, VR can now improve the workflow of an architect and radically improve your communication with the client. If you are still thinking drawings and mood boards can do the trick for you, skim through these benefits of 3D rendering based virtual reality for architects and interior designers.

You can change the parameters

Sketches and mood boards always present static pictures. Even if you go for photorealistic rendering, you need to redo everything for changing something. However, with virtual reality, you can make changes during the presentation and also enable your client to compare various options. Therefore, if the client doesn’t quite like a particular shade of red, you may show the same effect with cherry red tiles.

More value added to the product

It goes without saying that the quality and reliability of architectural services is critical to project success. However, the quality of overall services is as much important as the quality of architectural services. This includes clear and coherent communication with the prospective client as well. Now, given the present market scenario, almost everyone is using sketches and mood boards. That’s the bare minimum for surviving on the market. However, virtual reality can set your brand apart as you can create an astonishing presentation with the help of 3D rendering and VR. Moreover, use of VR speaks volumes about your company’s approach toward new technologies.

Retaining attention of the client

It’s actually difficult to retain someone’s attention through an hour of presentation. If you are presenting your idea before only a few of the decision-makers of a company, it’s highly likely that they will get distracted from your presentation midway. It might be a phone call from a colleague, or a landscape just behind the window, or a message on Skype. VR will make it easier for you to retain the attention of the client, which is highly important for getting the project.

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director