3D Rendering Singapore’s Green buildings

3D Rendering Singapore

Singapore’s fight against environmental pollution is not just a fight of government agencies and building planners. It’s also a fight that the interior designers of green buildings in Singapore should pick up. And they can do a lot of positive experiments with the help of 3D rendering Singapore technologies.

Green buildings in Singapore are nice living and working spaces. In recent years, a number of these buildings have come up within the Singapore metropolitan area as the Garden City continues to expand. The city’s dazzling economic rise over the past few decades has given rise to a number of imposing skyscrapers. They contribute to almost one-fourth of the total emissions here. If you are eager to become a part of the change, here are four design recommendations.

3D Rendering Singapore: design recommendations

1. Use a lot of light colors

Light colors lower energy consumption and help keep large and small buildings cool. If you are into interior designing, use advanced 3D rendering Singapore technologies to show the effects of light colored paints to your potential clients. According to a special report published in the Solar Today magazine, white walls absorb 35% less heat compared to black or dark walls. This means less energy is required for cooling the building. Light colored building walls are trending in Singapore for a reason.

2. Use of natural light

Singapore enjoys a fair share of sunlight through the year. If you are presenting your client with a design idea, it’s imperative that you use a lot of broad daylight in your 3D rendered design. Singaporean businesses, especially residential realtors look for interior designs that are blessed with a lot of daylight, as these green buildings in Singapore can potentially save a great deal of energy. If you have an appointment with a client who’s looking for a stunning corporate building with meeting rooms at the periphery, you can even use mirrors to reflect the light from the window panes. Show lots of natural light effects in your interior design mockup to win big projects in Singapore.

3. Use smart technologies in green buildings in Singapore

If you are into interior designing or real estate marketing, always try to use latest technologies. Also, use smart lighting in your designs. Potential big-pocket clients in Singapore always look for smart lighting with motion sensors, timers and other advanced features that can dramatically reduce the energy usage of a building. So if you are a designer trying to ace your interior design presentation, you need to highlight such smart features in your interior design. You can use the 3D images of smart lighting fixtures while 3D rendering your concepts.

4. Always use elements that promote or support sustainability

For instance, you can replace vinyl flooring with linoleum, as this flooring material is made from jute. Jute is a natural fiber. It’s excellent bacteria resistant properties make these materials an automatic choice for flooring in green buildings in Singapore.

Lastly, not everyone in Singapore still has the mindset to invest in eco-friendly green homes. Given the city has pledged to curb its emissions by 36%, by 2030, interior designers can play a pivotal role in influencing investment decisions. You can use 3D rendering services Singapore to impress and convince your clients.

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director