Exterior CGI for a residential complex in the UAE


Project Name: Exterior CGI for a residential complex in the UAE

Project Type: Architecture

Project Description:

This project involved the development of CGI for exterior visualization of a luxury residential project in Dubai, UAE in collaboration with the Ellington Properties Group.

Development of exterior 3D renderings involves in-depth detailing of even the smallest elements of the project plan to ensure accurate depiction. This set of imagery includes not only a holistic view of the building, but also zooming into some common exterior spaces in the building like the pool area and balconies in the residential units. The colors and texture of the furniture, upholstery and the construct aptly depicted to match with the entire brief set by the client that focuses on luxury.

The attention to detail and the finish of each locale of the imagery lends perfection to the visualization and takes the viewer on a realistic walkthrough of the space.


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