Architectural 3D Visualizations for a Resort in the Caribbean


Project Name: Architectural 3D Visualizations for a Resort in the Caribbean

Project Type: Architecture

Project Description:

Developed in collaboration with Noval Properties, Silver Beach is a project for a luxury resort in the Caribbean. The goal while developing the 3D renderings for this project was to capture the aesthetics of the construct that are amplified by the exoticness of the Atlantic beach region.

The project plan includes a splay of the resort’s unique design, and we have strived to bring out the elegance and grandeur in full effect. To showcase realistic visuals, we have detailed the textures of the surfaces in different locales to effect true-to-life experience in the intense natural lighting during different hours of the day.

The set of images has been created by developing 3D objects of the buildings and their parts, and rendering them together with drone images of the surroundings to present a bird’s eye view of the entire construct. The direction of light, the appearance of surrounding beach and all other elements in the landscape have been rendered perfectly to ensure that the buildings appear as naturally fitting in with everything as possible. This has lent the images a more realistic illustration and depicts every aspect in minute detail.


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