3D Exterior Render For A Comfortable Resort in Punta Cana




Real estate renderings. Located in Punta Cana is Oceana – an intimate, luxurious resort experience. The statement pool boasts lounge seating and cabanas around the pool nestled on the property’s interior courtyard. Our client, Noval Properties, envisioned this space as an escape from the bustling beach town’s activities. This created an oasis of palm trees, pools, and lounging areas just steps from the guest’s hotel rooms.

Our 3D visualizations brought the three story hotel buildings to life. Our team of expert designers crafted every material, texture, and landscape element to align with our client’s vision. The end result achieved by these 3D architectural renderings is a realistic visualization of the stunning spaces waiting to be built.

Whether your project is already approved, or is looking for investors, 3D renderings are proving to be an incredibly useful tool for designers and investors alike. With blueprints and 2D drawings, a lot of gray areas are left behind and open to individual interpretation. By incorporating these real estate renderings into your project documents, you can be sure that everyone is seeing exactly what the project vision is in a hyperrealist form.

We are masters of 3D visualization craft, and can provide photo renderings as well as walkthrough animations of your spaces. The more complex the project is, the more we get to push the envelope on the execution. We believe no project is too big, or too small, and we are prepared to take your concept into a 3D reality. Real estate renderings

Client: Noval Properties

Project Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Project typology: Architectural Renderings

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