3D Interior Rendering For the Healthy Corner Restaurant

3D renderings for Restaurants. Located in Palm Jumeirah Dubai is Healthy Corner, a bustling restaurant serving up healthy meals and treats directly from the farms. Partnering with Creneau International, Render Atelier was tasked with providing 3D renderings of the interior spaces of the restaurant.

Healthy Corner is no standard restaurant – radiused corners, plant walls lining the space, and an open air entrance are just some of the features that make it unique.

Render Atelier’s mission on this job was to convey the atmosphere in the restaurant space. By way of detailed illustration of the furniture and fixtures, the 3D restaurant visualizations of the space show the space’s open, airy quality, and relaxed dining environment. In the seating area, you can see guests enjoying a casual lunch, and others teleworking from the communal tables in the space.

The custom millwork on the radiused wall was illustrated as an accurate representation of the intended design for the space, and the shop portion shows the proposed product placement for the restaurant. As a commercial project, it is key to be able to show how all of the elements in a space work together, and by simulating the space in 3D rendering form, that can be accomplished.

Our team of expert designers, architects and engineers is based out of London, England and has the capacity to tackle the challenge of complex spaces and refined designs worldwide. With the capabilities to produce photorealistic 3D renderings, visualizations, and animated deliverables, we have exemplary experience in providing high quality deliverables, and exceeding our clients’ expectations each and every time. 3D renderings for Restaurants.

Client: Creneau International

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Typology: Interior Renderings

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