Photorealistic Product CGI Of The Thermasol Catalogue


Project Name: Photorealistic Product CGI Of The Thermasol Catalogue 

Project Type: Products 

Project Description:

The interior 3D renderings of premium washroom products developed for this project for a product catalogue of the Thermasol Group take product visualisation a notch up.

Set in clean, minimalistic and elegant setups, each image focuses on the product in detail and attempts to showcase the exact look and feel to customers. The impulsion to make a purchase is based not only on the features but also how the product would fit into the lifestyle aspired to by the buyer. This set of product 3D renderings shows the images in various kinds of bathroom set ups, lighting and time of day to enable the customer to visually experience using the product.

The colour, material and size of the products have been shown in detail for assessment based on the spatial countenance and the true merit of features. 

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