3D Exterior Renderings for a Skyscraper in Dubai


Project Name: 3D Exterior Renderings for a Skyscraper in Dubai

Project Type: Architecture

Project Description: 

This project involves the development of exterior 3D renderings for Highbury, a skyscraper project in Dubai, UAE in collaboration with the Ellington Properties Group.

The project encompasses a space that intertwines luxury living and closeness to natural oases. The exterior visualization of the structure presents it as a luxury residential and utilitarian space that stands out in terms of the aesthetics of the construct.

The placement of light and shadows, textures and colors of the surfaces was also done precisely to bring about photorealistic imagery of the entire set at different times of the day as well as from various viewing angles. The blend of green pockets in the construct, residential units, and the surroundings has been done accurately for a hyper realistic view.

What confers immaculateness to the 3D renderings is the attention to detail and the clean finish, especially of the supplemental objects like those in the landscape that create the appropriate visual for the skyscraper. The imagery captures all elements of the project from the viewer’s sight and leaves little to imagination.


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