La Plage South By Vistas Global


Project Name: La Plage South By Vistas Global

Project Type: Architecture

Project Description:  

The La Plage South is a luxury residential complex 3D rendering designed and produced by us in collaboration with the Vistas Global group. The goal of the project was to conceive a property that functions as a living space, but also as a unit that presents itself as an oasis of leisure. 

The residential units are spaced and designed to ensure privacy as well as openness. The garden view rings in a peaceful sight of the green space. The greenery seeps into the interior of the complex as well, with a retreat homing ornamental waterways, trees, walkway and seating. This space serves as a refuge for residents to relax at. The residential complex is also equipped with a swimming pool and cabana space, a tennis court and leisure walkthrough spaces, and is powered by solar energy.

The complexity yet brilliance of the design lies in hemming in luxury, greenery and utility, all into a single frame. The 3D renderings depict all facets of the area perfectly, ensuring that viewers experience the space in a manner as realistic as possible.


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