Fifa World Cup 2022 Fan Zones


Project Name: Fifa World Cup 2022 Fan Zones

Project Type: Architecture

Project Description: 

The 3D renderings for the Fifa World Cup 2022 Fan Zones strive to gird in all that it takes to create a space for the event’s supporters to enjoy as a community.

Designed to entertain, the fan zones mark a special locale for events and activities. The entire complex encompasses multiple viewing decks all spaced to offer a grand view of the main stage area. The layered and design of the seating blocks not only offer a futuristic look and feel, but also utilitarianism in terms of shade and space. The most attractive feature of the project – the stage area, located in the water body at a distance from the crowd space is a spectacle to behold. It offers a great view of the ongoing events from all viewing decks and is at an optimal distance from the audience. 

Envisioning and developing this set of 3D renderings was an illustrative feat. The photorealistic imagery captures the essence of the project in its true elements of grandeur and experience sharing.


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