Architectural Cg Visualization For Skyscrapers by DAMAC

3D rendering service
3D rendering service

3D rendering service. Render Atelier partnered with DAMAC on the Damac Tower Dubai project with a one goal in mind – to bring the WOW factor to this project. Our team of expert designers, architects and 3D artists went straight to work to take DAMAC’s design for this structure, and incorporate all of the necessary elements and details to highlight its grandeur and intricate design.

As a 3D rendering service, we have access to all of the right tools, and techniques to incorporate all of the necessary elements into our 3D renderings to develop an eloquent presentation. Not only are the results beautiful to look at, they also serve a functional purpose within the design process by allowing exposure to any concerns while there is still time to correct them.

With this showstopping design, it was evident that Render Atelier needed to make use of multiple forms of light and ambiance to capture the qualities that make this building a masterpiece. We showcased the lower levels of the building and their exquisite balconies, incorporating the surrounding cityscape, going as far as detailing the landscape design of the rooftop gardens.

The London-based Render Atelier team is knowledgeable on multiple 3D architectural visualization deliverables, including photorealistic renderings as seen on this project, as well as animations, and interactive virtual toursVR – of architectural spaces. Our cutting edge technology and years of experience provide an end product worthy of a front page cover to any project proposal you plan to develop!

Client: DAMAC

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Typology: Architectural Renderings

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