3D Visualization For the Opus Hotel in Dubai

3D rendering company in London
3D rendering company in London

3D Rendering company in London. Zaha Hadid Design furnishings and bending sculptural balconies may be seen at the newly opened ME Dubai hotel at the Opus by Zaha Hadid Architects. 
The Opus is a mirrored glass skyscraper in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa area that houses a hotel, a business centre, serviced apartments, and numerous food and beverage outlets.

The ME Dubai at the Opus, which was completed externally last year, is the world’s first hotel to have both its outside and interiors designed by the late Zaha Hadid Architects.

Each hotel room has a Zaha Hadid-designed bed framing system supported by a sculptural element that protrudes from the wall creating a fluidly organic overall outlook to the entire unit. 

The basins and showers in the bathroom are from Zaha Hadid’s 2015 Vitae series for Noken Porcelanosa. 
Twin mirrors with curves that seem to mimic the Opus’ central vacuum dangle over part of the double sinks.

The overall design is spectacular, making interior photorealistic renderings of it, which wasn’t definitely a walk in the park. 

Our ZHA assigned our London based rendering agency to create the interior photorealistic visuals of all of the suites hotel rooms. We created this series of 3D photorealistic architectural renderings following meticulous instructions from the Zaha Hadid team in a particular style that suits the building’s design and atmosphere.

Our 3D rendering company in London is offering 3d architectural visualization services with a team of experienced 3d artists, always ready to transform your interior design concepts into visual masterpieces.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Client: Zaha Hadid Architects

Project Type: Interior Architectural Renderings, Hospitality renderings

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