Dubai Expo: 3D Rendering Services Shine Sustainability

Introduction to Dubai Expo 2020

3D Rendering Services Dubai. The Dubai Expo is actually the world expo being held at Dubai for the year 2020. It officially opened up on the 30th of September, 2021 instead of last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The reason being that it would appear wasteful to rebrand and re-market the Expo for 2021 when the sub-theme of the whole event would be focusing on sustainability.

The main theme of the Expo is Connecting Minds, Connecting the Future. It is a time where vendors from all countries around the world can showcase the best products their country has with regards to the 2020 theme.

Besides international vendors showcasing fantastic products that their home countries can offer to international clients; the World Expo series is also the stage for new and modern architecture. It is potentially a chance for an up-and-coming 3D rendering company to showcase their expertise and skills. Not only that, they can also showcase how the rendering pictures stacks up to a physical model.

Sustainability Pavilion’s Energy Tree

3D Rendering Services Dubai

The Sustainability Pavilion is the anchor building in the mobility section of the Dubai Expo. It was originally designed by Grimshaw, a UK studio with a rich experience in sustainable architecture. The whole pavilion area was designed with a cover of over 135 meters that holds up to 1,055 solar panels to provide clean and sustainable energy to the whole area.

It was also designed in such a way that any and all water used inside the building would be reused in some way or other to ensure that nothing is wasted. Whether it be to water the gardens or be processed for cleaning. The entire design of the building was orientated around being sustainable.

The materials that were used in the construction of the building were also considered when deciding on what would be the most sustainable option. The roof supports were constructed using recycled steel of which the builders were almost completely successful in doing.

Looking at the shape of the structure, you would not be amiss in wondering whether that played a role in the self-sufficient strategy of the architectural rendering company. Grimshaw assured people that the design was on the native Ghaf tree which is a highly drought resistant plant. Looking at the building knowing that, you can definitely see the resemblance and how the 3D architectural visualization agency were incredibly accurate in their work.

The Architectural Visualization Design Features of the Pavilion

There is much to commend the architects on the Sustainability project. Not only did they ensure that the design fit into the surrounding area, but they pushed themselves in terms of the sustainability brief.

3D Rendering Services Dubai: Rotating Ghaf Trees

For example, if one were to look at the size of the canopy over the building, through careful calculations it would be seen that the roofing area would not be capable of holding enough solar panels to provide enough electricity for the whole building. The drafting services at Grimshaw went a step further and introduced eighteen rotating energy Ghaf trees that surround the entire building.

3D Rendering Services Dubai

The Main Canopy: Just Pretty Beams of Steel for a Roof?

We spoke about how the canopy holds solar panels and is in a similar shape to the local fauna of the Dubai area, but more than that, it holds a practical purpose above its aesthetics.

The whole purpose of the Sustainability Pavilion is about purpose – stunning designs that give back to the area that they are in. The canopy itself was inspired by the idea of reaching its full efficiency potential. It was designed using the current principles of insulation. This may sound odd, but in an area that regularly reaches 50 degrees Celsius, it is a vital design parameter to consider, especially with efficient sustainability in mind.

The canopy reaches out over several buildings underneath to shield them from the scorching temperatures that are experienced. The premise of the insulation-like design is based on the common practice of putting a lot of earth on top of a roof to prevent the heat energy from outside being transferred as quickly inside as it would if there were a conventional roof.

It is an extremely energy efficient method and harbors very little environmental impact. To enhance the insulation properties, the surfaces exposed to the ambient outdoor atmosphere have been designed to be clad with a natural stone harvested from the Hajar Mountains nearby. This aimed at having the stone reflect the heat energy of the sun, reducing what the earth underneath can transmit. It was a brilliant design feature that the visualization company at Grimshaw captured beautifully.

3D Rendering Services Dubai

Transformation Strategies: Drafting Software Leading Sustainability

Many customers of 3D rendering services might think that the images produced by the incredible professionals are just to look pretty on a report on proposed design. There is so much effort that goes into a project like this that many just don’t consider.

The people at a 3D rendering studio have to take the construction material into consideration and how sustainability could fit into the big picture of the work that they are doing. What they create in images has to match up to the real thing – there’s no use in a 3D Rendering Services Dubai promising one image and then nothing like the picture is built a year later.

An understanding of sustainable functionality combined with an aesthetic slant to a building’s area requires great skill and expertise at the rendering company. It’s not just about the software or computer hardware, but rather the people behind who make it possible. It’s about them understanding the brief and taking hold of it. The folks at Grimshaw have done a stellar job in their design.

3D Rendering Services Dubai: Comfort & Ease in Sustainability

Having a building at the Dubai Expo 2020 to showcase an architectural design in reality is a fantastic way to showcase a company and exhibit the building as part of their portfolio. But the true test of a building lies in its ergonomics. It needs to meet the needs of the collective human element that will be making use of it. Does the Sustainability Pavilion stand true to its 3D drafting?

Having a Natural Air-Cooling System

The architects behind the design of the building realized that having a natural airflow system would be the only option to sustainably use in place of an air-conditioning behemoth. The team then did their background research and realized that they could use the south-westerly wind in the warmer months to cool the area below by using the shape of the building to flow through the gardens and water features to provide fresh cool air.

Water Collection – No Energy Waste

They used the system that nature has provided. They did it without wasting any type of energy – only utilizing what was already there. The canopy has many circular hole shapes that allow for low lying heat to be effectively dissipated, but also serve another purpose.

When it rains it allows for the collection of precious rain water through channels that store the water for later use. As it doesn’t rain as often as in many other parts of the world, the holes in the canopy have another advantage in their design – they also collect water from the morning dew that appears more often than the rain.

Concluding Thoughts – What Render Atelier Can Offer

The Sustainability Pavilion was expertly designed, but this meant nothing without its rendering. The concept on paper was fantastic, but it needed to be sold. It needed to be seen. How was this possible? Easy, it was due to 3D renderings. For a building of this scope, the costs for the renderings alone would have been astronomical. But you get what you pay for – quality.

This can often be a challenge to the designer with a brilliant concept, but that is only one half of the pitch. The vision needs to be seen, and its message needs to shine through – you need to know why the building looks like it does. To have someone highlight that in a rendering requires a touch of excellence. It requires an element that is both subtle and dominant at the same time.

Is quality like that above possible for smaller projects? Definitely! That is where we at Render Atelier come in. We are able to provide a 3D architectural visualizations service that is second to none. We can offer an extensive service that has seen our portfolio grow to customers all over the world.

From Dubai to the green fields of Canada, there is no rendering work that we can’t provide. If you are looking for residential renderings or full-scale skyscrapers, we have the team to handle your dream. We don’t have much to say about our work, as a picture says a thousand words – our work speaks volumes.

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