Residential Renderings: Just CG Artwork or an Investment?

Introduction: Are Renderings Just Industrial Artwork?

Residential Renderings services are definitely not the cheapest process to go through in the proposed design of a building. We can all agree that a lot of money can be spent on these. So, the question that arises is this – are they worth it? We can assure you that it definitely is. They help the architect in his design and can be used to reassure the client of what they will be getting with regards to their property development.

You may think that a 3D architectural rendering is just another piece of industrial artwork that looks really good and has no purpose beyond that. The look of the rendering is very important as it will denote the quality of the service being provided. If you can see yourself on the property with what the 3D rendering shows, a fantastic product has been delivered to you.

It can often be very difficult to see the potential of a site if there is no current building on it. You often don’t realize the scope of certain features on a building when standing in front of an empty space. You may think that some features are quite small and will fit into the overall picture in your head, but the reality may not be so. In this blog, we’ll go through some reasons as to why a 3D rendering by Render Atelier can be seen as an investment.

Residential Renderings – More Than Just a 3D Rendering

3D renderings are not just a picture to show a client what they will be getting after the construction. They are also a means of communication. For example, if the architect decides to place several windows along a wall with a darker color, the client may not fully understand the reasoning behind it. By using a 3D visualization company like Render Atelier, a client will understand exactly the reason for a design decision. When a real-world condition, like sun direction, can be shown in a picture, a client will be far easier to communicate with as they will know the reason for a particular feature.

It can be possible that a client will not accept a fantastic design that fulfills all their requirements. This is because its possible that their understanding in what you communicate is different. Having a rendering will eliminate the possibility of this happening and removing any chance of a misunderstanding with a client.

The Purpose of Residential Renderings

The main purpose of a residential rendering is communication. People are very visually orientated and having a picture of what they could have on their property will only make their understanding that much clearer. There are many reasons as to how a rendering is beneficial to clients, but there is only one clear thing that it facilitates – crystal clear communication.

It can be very frustrating to have a client explain to you that they would like a new feature that is trending in a magazine included in their design with some outlandish color. No matter how much you carefully and politely explain to them that its not going to work out, they insist. This poses quite a challenge to you as have dealt with this industry for many years and can see that when the new features are incorporated into the design, the client won’t actually like it and will be unhappy. 3D renderings are the perfect way in which you can show the client the issues that you foresee and have a better chance of avoiding any problems or issues that could appear.

This is just one possible scenario that has probably happened with quite a few clients. But it shows how it can be dealt with in such a way that both parties will benefit from it at the end of the day and still be happy with the results.

What Benefits does a Visualization Company Offer?

Increasing the Selling Point

One of the first and immediate benefits that a visualization company like Render Atelier offers is its ability to sell the price to a customer. Upmarket residential buildings are not cheap and customers need to know why they are paying a certain price. They need to see exactly what they are getting into before putting any money down.

Preventing Quality Issues

Another common effect with an architect submitting the budget plans to a client is that they will wish to drop the price. A client may look at what the architect is proposing and not fully appreciate the reason behind it and therefore not make a connection between the price suggested.

This can be a frustration to both the client and the designer as they have both invested a lot of money and effort into the process so far. But again, this issue can be prevented and circumnavigated by presenting a 3D model that will make the client see the designer’s reasons for certain style and material choices.

Stopping Client Disappointment

One of the worst things that a designer could hear from a customer when the project is completed is that it is not what they had imagined. Can you think of all the effort and money that was spent in the process to get things where they are? Having a 3D visualization will remove this potential nightmare from the onset.

By having a 3D model, the client can see exactly what they do and do not like about the design and can communicate that through to the designer BEFORE any physical work takes place. Once physical work starts on a project, it can be very difficult to get it back on track. And most certainly it will be impossible to stick to the initial budget.

Maintaining a Company Reputation

If the scenario above happens, you can just think how that client is going to feel about the designer. They would more than likely not recommend them to anyone. But having an architectural plan file done by a professional draughting service can be a project saver. As that draughting service can provide the necessary details for a rendering company to create a visually appealing and technically correct building for a client’s viewing. This will bolster the reputation of all companies involved.

The Render Atelier Difference: A Portfolio

When approaching potential clients, having a complete portfolio is a must. Why would anyone trust an unknown company that has no real-life experience to offer them? And even if you did have a portfolio to offer, can it match the client’s expectations or exceed them?

Here at Render Atelier, we offer more than just beautiful images, we offer an imagined reality that can be built and be brought to life. And besides our services, we can offer future clients an assurance

that we are at the top of our field in what we do. We have worked on extensive projects that are now a reality for many. Below, we have an example of our best work:

Residential Renderings: Project Elevation Manotick

This project was completed for a client in Ottawa in Canada. It was a design that was inspired by the desire to have a country-like setting with a completely urban design that fitted in flawlessly with the surrounding areas. The client wanted a design that mixed the best of both worlds – city and village life.

As can be seen on our website, we have managed to exceed the brief given to us. We were able to blend the more traditional country styling with a contemporary finish that makes the urban project blend in beautifully with the other buildings.

Residential Renderings
Residential Renderings


We have briefly discussed the most common pitfalls that can be experienced by clients and designers. And the best solution to avoid and deal with them is through a 3D rendering company. There are vast benefits to preparing against the pitfalls that are described earlier.

Many people tend to think that a Residential Renderings is just a pretty picturing for marketing. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The amount of effort and detail that goes into making the renderings a reality is immense. They are not just artwork (as they clearly are stunning images), but they are a way of efficiently and cost effectively ensuring that a client knows what they are getting.

And as was discussed above, if a project gets built and the client has misunderstood what the designer explained to them, it is a disaster. It is not something that will be remedied quickly or cheaply. A 3D model will prevent this issue. It will also clarify any issues not realized by the client as they get a chance to visualize exactly what the designer has tried to communicate through to them. It then offers a much quicker and easier chance to amend the design.

Render Atelier should be your first and only stop in your search for a company that excels in preparing residential renderings. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that any projects that you may have mind will be done perfectly. Please feel free to contact us for any queries that you may have.