CGI Interior Renderings are replacing Photography

It might sound surreal but it’s true.

Many of you might be thinking I’m out of my mind saying this but in many design fields this is slowly becoming a reality.

Let’s take for instance a medium size furniture company that produces modern interiors.

As many others, also interior design/decoration businesses are used to periodical changes, according to the latest trends in art, architecture and fashion in fact, today more than before  buyers are fascinated by novelty. People in general think that new is better; new is glamour.

We don’t even need to wait for the new season to see new color palettes, new materials and textures, maybe using re-edited materials. Nowadays even a new born guru can decide the new trend for the next season. World is global, always connected and new ideas pop up at any time and becoming viral in a click.

Taking in consideration what I’ve wrote right above about the design/fashion systems keeping changing their trends so fast, what should do a medium sized company to be on time, to avoid to be called outdated on the new international trends?

The answer is to keep evolving its image, its website, social media and, of course, its digital and paper catalogues.

This is why photo realistic renderings are becoming the protagonists of the scene. A rendered portfolio is the new black.

Until now furniture and lighting companies were used to build real sets where show case their latest collection. This includes renting a space, paying an architect to design it, ship and move all the products, plus all the high additional costs for decorations and finishes, and of course paying a photographer for the photo shooting and a graphic designer to create the catalogues.

This makes a huge amount of money, not affordable for many medium companies at the moment.

Photo Realistic interior renderings and products modeling are the smart solution to those companies with limited budget, cutting down the high costs of a new photo shooting and at the same time having the possibility to show everywhere, anytime, to any interested client their new collection and their amazing designs, just with a click.

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We collaborate with international architecture companies, interior design and furniture companies, following up their projects, helping them to visualize their finished products.

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director