3D Visualization Technology: 4 Popular Trends

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3D Visualization Technology. The opportunities for using 3D visualizations are endless. For real estate developers, and design teams, the use of CGI visualizations has resulted in vast improvements of presentation materials, and are an irreplaceable asset. Technology has evolved to continue keeping up with the needs of the market, and we have seen incredible growth in the field throughout the past decade.

With the ability to use 3D visualizations to enhance marketing material and presentations, rendering professionals are able to emulate realistic representations of design ideas. The days of hand sketching and drafting are long gone, and preparing for a presentation has become easier than ever. While designers and like-minded professionals are able to piece together fragmented portions of designs, 3D visualizations create a more concrete picture of what the final product will look like. This can help sell ideas when they are still in conceptual phases, and win over clients as you transport them into the reality of what the new structure or space will look like.

Today, designers around the world are taking full advantage of the wonders that CGI technology can produce. Let’s look into some of the latest emerging trends using 3D visualizations.

Virtual Reality Tours

As with any large project, there are many professionals involved in the design and execution of even the smallest details. This can, at times, create confusion as all parties interpret ideas in different ways leading to confusion, frustration, and lack of communication. While it’s not always possible to bring everyone together, virtual reality tours create the opportunity for everyone to walk through the spaces being designed. These VR tours can incorporate a wide range of details and can be helpful even in spatial planning exercises. This can be a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page, and that everyone is looking at the same thing.

Virtual reality tours can also be helpful for clients to envision walking through a new building. This helps them understand scale, and recognize the flow of spaces throughout the building. Taking this one step further, virtual reality tours can even be used as marketing material. If spaces are being sublet to different tenants, virtual reality tours can be provided for reference while the buildings are still in construction.

3D Floor Plans

The beauty of 3D visualizations is that you can create a wide range of materials. 3D floor plans are an enhanced form of presenting one of the most critical design components. They are a virtual model of a 2D drawings, and with the enhancements that can be made through the art of rendering, they create a more visually appealing result.

Floor plans serve many purposes in the design process, but they are particularly helpful in determining space allocation. Fixtures and furniture are often added in to provide a better idea of what can and can’t fit within a room, and the potential placement layouts that can be accomplished. With 3D floor plans, this is all taken to a higher level of detail. They can show proportions and include ceiling heights and vertical components that would not otherwise be visible in a 2D format.

3D Walkthrough Animations

Adding a video component to any presentation is a sure way to attract attention. With the use of CGI technology, 3D walkthrough videos can be created to show off multiple areas within a building. They can set the tone for the presentation and bring it to life as they focus on what the final product will look like. Not only is this a good format for showcasing interior spaces, but flyover views of exterior spaces are also a great way to show off architectural details.

The goal in a presentation is to find the best way to convey ideas and design choices that appeal to the audience. By bringing in a video component that impresses, clients will get a great idea of the ideas you have in mind for the future of their space. 3D Visualization Technology

3D Visualization Technology: Interactive CG Panoramas

A 3D rendering in panoramic form is also one of  our favorite trends in the world of architectural visualizations. They have the power to create a photorealistic scene through which users can navigate all of the areas within a space, look at the details up close, and see the overall picture of the room just as they would experience it if they were there in person.

This can be a great tool to determine whether a conceptual design is on the right track, and feels right to the client. The immersive experience can eloquently communicate a lot more information than standard still photos, or even drawings. Through the rendering process, an interactive CG panorama can show everything in one place and provide a sneak peek into what the space will feel like once complete.

While we have discussed the benefits that 3D visualizations can bring to the architecture, design, and construction sector, other markets have also began to use these technologies in creative ways. Product developers have began incorporating 3D visualization components into their design process, and the results speak for themselves. By iterating through a 3D rendering process, product developers can progress through different design changes without having to physically create a new product every time. In our next post, we will delve into the ways other sectors have incorporated the use of CGI technology to benefit their businesses.

3D Visualization Technology

3D Visualization Technology

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