3D Walkthrough

Traditional rendering techniques limit you to the contents of a frame.

3D walkthroughs are animated visual tours that demonstrate the design vision of unbuilt architectural projects through virtual explanative videos, the can range from delicate residential or hospitality interiors to a luxuriour Resort in the Maldives

PLAY: Waldorf Astoria Maldives

Real Estate Animation

Architecture projects and real estate developments can hugely benefit from a video animation, it’s a powerful tool to immediately show the project to potential tenants and investors and it can capture the interest much more that a simple still image.

We can develop motion graphics introduction with project info and highlights, exterior and interior walkthrough animations and simulate people interaction with the scenes bringing life to the project.

PLAY: Le Mirage Citywalk - Doha

Product Animation

Manufacturer always require a huge selection of marketing material to advertise their products and video clips or commercial spots are usually the best tool.

With 3D graphics they can freely decide what to show without any increase in cost due to prototyping, building the set and renting the locations. Time is often critical in this business and being able to have advertising materials way sooner than production can be a key advantage.

The only limit is the Imagination (of your marketing department

PLAY: Intralight Commercial