Why 3D Exterior Design Is An Invaluable Tool For Architects

In earlier days, architects had to create hand-drawn sketches and illustrations to show clients their vision for a project. These could range from intricate, colored drawings to rough outlines to explain the idea behind the building.

These sketches evoked more emotion than a technical drawing by an engineer. However, they still required the client to rely on their imagination. 

3D renders changed the game in the world of exterior design. Through 3D exterior modern house design, you can show your clients the exact proportions, aesthetics, and lighting of the building, leaving little room for miscommunication. 

Before we can fully understand the benefits that 3D renders bring to exterior designs, we must first understand what exterior design entails.

What Is Exterior Design?

Exterior design is a subfield of architecture that consists of designing the outside of industrial, commercial, or residential buildings. The best exterior designers also dabble in structural engineering, landscape architecture, and construction activities. However, exterior designers are not skilled at creating photorealistic renders of their plans. To do this, they must work with a rendering firm that specializes in 3D exterior home design.

3 Benefits Of 3D Exterior Rendering Services 

A 3D exterior design service provides architects with myriad benefits. Apart from helping you express your vision, they also save you time and money and avoid critical design mistakes. Here are some reasons you should invest in 3D renders for your next exterior design project:

1. Showcase Multiple Design Options

When designing a building, you have to make many choices. There are countless options for facade design, window shutters, the color of the exterior paint, etc. As an architect, you want to present your client with different options so they can decide what they like best. With 3D rendering, you can showcase how each design choice affects the overall look of the building, helping your clients make a confident and quick decision regarding the exterior.

As an architect, you may often come across a scenario where a client is insisting on a particular design element that will negatively impact the overall look of the building. Instead of spending long hours arguing about how a roman pillar won’t fit into a modern glass building, you can simply show them a render of it instead. This can be much more effective than any explanation you could give.

2. Recognize And Fix Mistakes In Time

Even the best architects can make mistakes in exterior design. For example, you may not account for a tall tree in the backyard that will block the natural light in the master bedroom. Even if you don’t make any errors, it’s possible that other teams involved in the project might. The construction crew may misconstrue your 2D drawings and create a patio with no steps leading to it. Or perhaps the painters might choose the wrong tone of ivory marble for the arches.

3D renders are a convenient and accessible way to avoid such mistakes. You can identify any issues with the exterior design before they are implemented into reality and bring everyone on the same page about the final output. This can save you immense time and money in the long run.

3. Market Your Project Before It’s Ready

3D renders are a great way to attract buyers to your project even before the first brick is laid down. By showcasing your grand vision to potential investors, you can raise the capital you need. After all, what’s a better way to make someone fall in love with your project- your words and some 2D sketches or a dynamic and hyper-realistic 360-degree tour of the building? The answer is simple.

You can also use your 3D renders to raise awareness about a new project and promote it on social media and through reputed real estate and architectural publications.

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