3D Modeling: Here’s How Architects Can Take Their Work to the Next Level

Digital technology has completely revamped how architects work on their designs or even present their samples to clients. Software that enables 3D modeling design for buildings has also opened a plethora of opportunities to showcase different aspects and details of their work to potential customers. Architects and designers are taking advantage of the new age tools to create detailed overviews of buildings and experiment with new home design ideas. With 3D printing and architecture being linked, you could 3D print an entire house to have a clearer understanding of what your home will look like before it is actually made.

3D modeling design helps to present a more realistic, efficient, accurate, and good overview of your work. Because of their precision, 3D modeling services have risen in demand among designers and architects. Computer-aided design (CAD) systems which fuelled 3D modeling homes to create virtual environments have made modern designing quite appealing and accessible. Today, there are various ways in which a 3D modeling company uses software for housing and commercial planning. Read on to learn the different types of 3D modeling designs to showcase your projects beautifully.

Wireframe CAD Modeling

Wireframe modeling is used for high-quality solid representation, where each object with its edges is defined. It showcases the outline with a three-dimensional object, and then the space between lines or wires is filled. Making 3D visualizations is mostly for simple and quick designs. If an architect is required to present a design on a real estate project or commercial space quickly, wireframe CAD modeling will help get the work done at the earliest. Also, the 3D model renderings are easy, making it suitable where a high screen frame rate is required.

3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD modeling is used to visualize projects at their blueprint stage. CAD is the process of turning 2D drawings into 3D models to create a virtual reality that has elements similar to the actual physical objects. CAD Modeling can create 3D blueprints from the smallest of elements to tall buildings, thus helping the client understand the color palettes and decor and make their final decision. Also, it is often simpler to convince customers about different properties of the space 3D CAD modeling and receive feedback from them on their requirements.

BIM Modeling

Building Information Model (BIM) is a process of digitally representing the physical and functional characteristics of a space in 3D. AEC professionals use BIM to plan and design building infrastructure most efficiently. It not only helps in working with just the structure of the building but also its exterior, internal workings, infrastructure, lighting, and more. It also helps you communicate better with the design team on the visualization and scope of the outcome. BIM is also popular among architects and design companies for being an energy-efficient option, cost optimization, and productivity.

3D Interior Modeling

3D interiors are one of the main aspects of a developing space that clients like to see up close. And 3D interior modeling helps make everything from lighting and decor to the pillars look just like reality. While pitching to clients, 3D interior modeling helps them understand their feedback and convince them of various aspects of the space. Real-estate companies and architects prefer showcasing their work at marketing and networking events considering the detailing it offers so that it appeals to potential buyers.

3D Exterior Modeling

3D exterior modeling helps visualize different aspects, styles, and plans of buildings. It gives an overview of the street, trees, lights, parking, colors used, and much more. The 3D exterior is important when presenting to clients as it gives them a good view of the physical space. 3D rendering software can showcase the material quality, plumbing, and transportation facility. Hence CGI often becomes the deciding factor for clients in investing in a property.

Even if you are an established architect or somebody who has just stepped into the industry, 3D modeling services will help present your work to potential customers and showcase it at events or even get featured in reputed magazines or 3D modeling websites. Using 3D modeling increases your company’s brand value and builds better trust with your customers.

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