Realistic Exterior Rendering: Here’s How 3D Artists Build Renders With Great Precision

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has transformed the way in which architects worked on their designs and showcased them to clients. Today, the capability of realistic rendering has made it simpler and more efficient to present architectural technicalities with great precision. 

The artistic renderings designed at CGI studios have great precision and attention to detail. These renders can be used for marketing presentations, showcase portfolios, and advertising. Realistic exterior rendering services offer a complete view with detailing about each corner of the house with desired lighting, shadow, and its look in different weather conditions. 

Read on to know the five ways in which realistic exterior rendering services are extremely useful for architects and customers alike.

1. Life-Like Surroundings

3D artists create life-like surroundings for exterior home rendering. They can render varying imagery featuring different times of day, weather, and even seasons to understand the lighting and a lot more.

Projects like summer villas and ski resorts are shown through different seasons and weather to showcase the difference between daylight, dusk, and nightlight. Regular projects are shown normal weather patterns like cloudy weather, rainy setting, or broad daylight.

Realistic surroundings normally include buildings, landscapes, or houses based on a project’s location. It includes regular things that a landscape includes like trees, people, cars, parks, benches, street lights, streets, shops, etc. So, based on where a project is to be developed, an architect develops the look of the vicinity. It can vary between a busy lifestyle, quaint neighborhood, and by the beach or highway.

2. Organic Lighting

Exterior rendering software helps understand the lighting of the setting in different climatic conditions and how interior lights will affect it. 3D rendering software can help determine the effect of each lighting including house lanterns, hanging lights, sun, stars, moonlight, etc. CGI specialists can also adjust shadows to avoid any blindspot or corners that may look unlit or dull. 

They can help understand if any object or setting needs to be removed or aligned, so the lighting is even and shadow doesn’t block natural light inside rooms.

3D artists can only achieve such precision and give you photorealistic results. They also work on the post-setting lights where mirror lights and contrast corrections wherever required are made. In this stage, CGI artists add visual effects like fog effects or glow to outdoor lights to showcase the realism of a scene and at the same time make it a little dreamy and aspirational.

3. Accurate Proportions

With exterior rendering software, CGI professionals and digital artists use technical drawings with correct proportions to get the site plans precisely. It lets them understand the exact location and the vicinity of a project.

They study the floor plans, elevations, etc to understand the exact details of the building. The precise numbers help in understanding the size of objects and if required to correct them during the process. It includes the size of windows, doors, wash area, and parking space. Accuracy is one of the main criteria that CGI professionals seek so that the project can be visualized just like the architects designed it.

Any discrepancy in even the slightest dimension can reflect majorly in the outcome. Hence CGI specialists pay close attention to it and is a great advantage when you opt for exterior home renderings.

4. High-Quality 3D Models

CGI specialists custom 3D modeling of the architectural objects to get specifications of every minute detail precisely. For secondary items, they use pre-made high-poly 3D models. And in the final renders, the digital artists ensure the objects have realistic shapes and pay attention to detail for the smallest objects. During the process they ensure, there are no objects or edges that look unnatural.

5. Horizontal and Vertical Axes With Precision

It is important that you get your exterior house rendering done by an experienced firm so that the detailings are taken care of. The horizontal and vertical axes are of great importance and if the dimensions aren’t set right, the whole project may look distorted. CGI specialists set the length, width, and height of the structure right so that your project appears the exact same way it will look once the construction is done.

We hope this article helped you understand the usages of exterior home renderings and the precision with which CGI specialists work on them. With 3D renderings, you can have a number of 3D visualizations to choose from, before the construction begins. It is quite helpful in presenting to potential clients, investors, customers, and stakeholders. Moreover, 3D renderings are quite useful for marketing activities and can also be used to be featured in magazines and social media. Showing the work using the latest modern technology also builds trust and reputation among your clients.

It is extremely important that you get your 3D rendering through professionals. If you have been looking for a trusted organization that offers these services, contact Render Atelier. Also, check the website for detailed information on 3D modeling services for homes, commercial buildings, villas, and other spaces. Render Atelier has worked with clients from countries across the world including the Middle East, North America, and Europe.

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