3D Architectural and Interior Rendering in London

Hi there! We think you already know that we are nestled in Doha, right in the heart of Qatar. We must tell you that we love this city and this amazing country just too much. But we have now decided to look west and we think London is going to be our next big stop by all means. Why do we think we should find collaboration opportunities in London? Here are the reasons.




Some of the world’s top interior designers and interior design agencies cater to London home and commercial space owners. The list includes interior design luminaries like Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Concrete Canvas, Marjan van Aubel, Ken Adam, just to name a few. We are also quite excited to know that London Design Festival 2016 will be held in September this year and we know that this event will surely open up opportunities for 3D visualization and 3D architectural rendering agencies like us. Seven different design districts were named in the 2015 summit and we believe this year will mark the beginning of a new era in interior design landscape of London.


Interior design artisans from London and Chelsea, which is often dubbed as the next global interior design hub, have never failed to impress real estate investors and stakeholders here in this part of Asia. We have seen some amazing projects here in Doha and in other parts of Qatar and East and Central Asia. As a premier photorealistic 3D rendering agency from Doha, we feel it’s time we should look west and fly to the Big Ben city to give shape to awesomeness unlimited!




Like all ancient cities, the close to 2000 year old city of London has a cityscape that would certainly inspire awe. London was your postcard picture of a vintage city, with horse-drawn carriages running down the cobblestone streets and Victorian buildings paying passers-by a guard honour, but not anymore. The city started to transform in mid 20s of the last century and rapid urbanization and use of latest architectural design technologies are gradually riddling the real estate value chain of the city.


Take a brief stroll along the streets of London, head over to Bishopsgate and you would be amazed to see the hulking Heron Tower, one of the tallest commercial skyscrapers in Greater London, if not the tallest. The Gherkin, Broadgate Tower, Daily Express Building…London is now dotted with some of the most amazing structures in Europe.


Boris Johnson, the respected mayor of the city, highlighted thirty three development areas within the boundaries of Greater London. The city’s vertical growth shows no signs to stop. Here’s where we, an architectural rendering service provider from Doha, are planning to get into the London construction market with a vast array of rendering services that we specialize in.




We have always kept tabs on the real estate market trends in large European cities and London has stolen our hearts. Though a Wall Street Journal report claimed that buyers have apparently stopped queuing up for investing in Canary Wharf condos, we found that a flock of international buyers are also likely to invest in the city’s real estate, especially in the prime central London condos and luxury apartments. Newly minted Indian billionaires have jumped on the bandwagon along with Chinese and Iranian investors.


If PWC reports are to be believed, London hotel industry is also poised for a massive growth this year. Occupancy growth is expected to cross the current 84% (highest occupancy in the current decade), double-digit RevPAR growth and surprisingly high deal activities are some of the reasons why we believe that the architecture market in London is going to surpass all previous records. Interior design for hotels, residential and commercial buildings is another sector which would grow exponentially alongside, we assume.




London has been pretty fast to rise to the challenge of growing as a ‘Smart City’ the recently launched Smart City Challenge drive would definitely add wings to development. Transport of London and IBM has joined hands and announced £750,000 in cash for the entrepreneurs who had plans to use cloud-based technologies and other cutting edge technologies in shaping the city’s skyline. That was 2015 and we certainly look forward to many such initiatives from the government flowing in to help real estate growth in this part of the country.


At the core, we believe future of construction in London and elsewhere in the world would be more focused on precision, more dependent on advanced technologies and more cost-effective than ever before. If that happens, you will find our name towards the top of list in London architectural rendering market in the near future. See you in London!

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director