Exterior 3D Visualization for a Real Estate Development in the Caribbean


Project name: THE REEF


Project type:  Architecture renderings

Project Description:

The Reef is a project for real estate development in the Caribbean. In keeping with the natural endowments of the region, this space depicts the interspersion of residential units with the surrounding flora.

The complexity of the 3D rendering increases with the variety of surfaces and elements. In this project, the creative effort lies in depicting the distinction of the various surfaces. The detailing of the water surface blending with the greenery and the concrete has been shown to good effect. The interaction of light with the various objects, the ambience of the space and the shadows lend accuracy to the experience.

The goal of the project was to develop a residential complex that offers an oasis of comfort while in touch with nature. Our 3D renderings were created with the intent of encompassing all requirements in one space, engrossing the viewer through a realistic depiction of the space. 


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