Product visualizations for Intra Lighting

3D furniture visualizations. Intricate design elements must be visualized in 3D to be well understood. With e-commerce growing, potential clients may not always have the opportunity to see your products in person to decide whether they like them or not. Through realistic 3D furniture visualizations, you can present your product in a way that better informs buyers of what they are getting.

In partnership with our client, the Render Atelier team developed the Intra Lighting Catalogue to showcase the new line of lighting products. By incorporating each light fixture into a unique setting, viewers are able to see the product in action. The recessed lighting fixtures lining lounge spaces help create a tone for the room, which can resonate with potential buyers. The highly detailed, yet modern, pendant lights that come in a variety of shapes and colors each needed their own 3D product rendering to ensure they fit well within each space.

Our team of architects, interior designers, and artists works tirelessly to ensure our clients are satisfied with the end result. Our range of 3D product visualization services allows our clients to select the format that best suits their needs, from still images to animated walkthrough videos.

The Render Atelier team looks forward to partnering with you on your next project and bring your product to life!

Client: Intra Lighting

Project Location: Slovenia

Project Typology: Product Renderings

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