How Virtual Reality Hotel Tours Grab your Customers’ Attention

Virtual Reality Hotel Tours - Andrea Corsini

Virtual Reality Hotel Tours help hoteliers beat the cutthroat competition in the global hospitality industry. So if you want to promote your hotel or restaurant, you should opt for professional 3D interior design services. Find out why!

How Do Top Hotels Introduce Themselves?

Have you ever booked a hotel online in Dubai, or in New York? If your answer is ‘yes’, you might have noticed how some of the swishest hotels highlight their outstanding features. Did you know that world’s top hotel groups exploit 360 virtual tour wisely for giving their future guests a chance to preview their hotel interiors?

Is Virtual Reality Hotel Tours a Good Way to Highlight Your USPs?

Pew Research conducted a study in 2006 and found that more than five million people in the US watch virtual tours in a single day. The survey covered only the length and breadth of the US. Best Western Hotel Chain conducted another independent study very recently. They found that their hotel websites that let visitors take virtual tours received 48% more bookings than the other websites that didn’t have this feature.

What Are the Benefits?

3D architectural rendering for hotels is an architectural animation process that helps hotel owners to create their own virtual tours. Our Virtual Reality Hotel Tours offer a wealth of benefits to the hoteliers.

  1. Grab Your Customer’s Attention

Virtual tours present a detailed view of your hotel rooms and amenities to your future guests. Your future guests would feel that they are in an actual room. The surrounding details include the floor texture, the ceiling as well as the view from the window. Viewers who have not yet checked in your hotel can get to see the finer details by taking a virtual tour of your hotel through your website. This way, 3D interior rendering becomes more of a PR tool than a marketing tool.

  1. Makes Selection Easier for Clients

If you were a guest looking for a hotel room within your budget, wouldn’t it be exciting if you could get an all-access pass? Your clients can know more about the amenities and features of your hotel room by taking a virtual walk-through. This way, it becomes easier for them to make a selection.

  1. Engaging and Interactive

Virtual tours of hotels, restaurants or amusement parks can be thoroughly engaging. Your future client can zoom in on details and take a tour at their convenience. This also reduces the bounce rate, which is an important metric in search engine marketing.

  1. Cost-Efficient Promotion and Marketing

3D architectural rendering for hotels requires only a one-time payment. Get in touch with a good hotel virtual tour provider in New York, pay once for the rendering services and enjoy increased traffic to your hotel website. Should you need changes in the design, you may just contact the studio again. It’s quite simple!

Your hotel marketing and online promotion can begin with a 3D virtual tour or 3D walkthrough. You just need to get in touch with a hotel virtual tour provider in Doha like Render Atelier.

To know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director