3D Rendering company in Qatar


3D Rendering company in Qatar. Hello my friend. If you have been keen in reading you saw in our ‘About Us’ that we are a company based in Doha, Qatar. Now we’re taking this entry to tell you reasons why in the world did we choose this city? Is 3D rendering worth a stake here? Here are the reasons which drive us to love the work and projects that we do in our home city.

1. A transformed and transforming City

In tracing the city’s past, we’ll see that Doha was historically a fishing and pearl diving town. Majority of the architecture or if we can say infrastructures were just individual residences with narrow alleyways providing shade, privacy and security. No skyline or pinch of any major colonial influences in the city. That bare and naked. But now looking at the transformation… New Doha International Airport – The Pearl Qatar – Aspire Tower –Condom Tower – Villagio Mall – Qatar National Convention Center – Tornado Tower and even international hotels existing and abiding are modified to be equal with the mega infrastructures in the city

According to Dohaland CEO, Issa Al Mohannadi, He wants the city to be recognized through our architecture. “When someone visits our city, or even sees a picture of one of our buildings in postcard, we want them to say ‘oh yes. That is Qatar’” and it’s appearing that the construction market of Qatar is focused on anything “mega”.

2. Hotel Hotel Hotel

In 2014, Qatar was home of 16,000 hotels and hotel apartments. This year, it’s anticipated that 20 new properties will open with an additional 50 properties. Then, according to the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) a total of 48 new 5-star hotels with 13,151 rooms, 41 new 4-star hotels with 8,829 rooms, and nine 3-star hotels with 2001 rooms are planned and will be ready by 2016. What we see here is that more hotel investors can approve massive growth potential in Qatar in the immediate future. And the interior design for hotels situated in Qatar is not just a grade B or C; the standards of clients will always be something as grand as what Qatar interior design is known for. The luxury ambiance of a hotel can be attaining with given much interior variation and modification. At the same time, 3D photorealistic renderings can be an advantage to show realm of drawings and ideas from our firm. This can allow us to digitally catalog, analyze and price the components of a project before doing any construction.

Any architectural firms who needs more actual space and project for your portfolio? This country, is where those 3D renderings of hotel lobby, room or conference area and pool side will materialize. It’s just outside the doorstep.

    3. Running towards World Cup 2022

    Since the news came out that World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar, the excitement is not only for the athlete and audience but of course for all the other industries that will be involve in this huge event. Several architectural firms became willing to invest and incorporate their work to constructions for the arenas and sports complex.

    One of the most apparent projects that heeds for the World Cup is the Qatar Rail. It’s about time.

    4. Going Smart + 3D rendering

    Today, cities are incorporating smart solutions such as driverless cars and city sensors that can give you instant updates about traffic condition, air quality and weather forecast, to name a few. And Doha at the same is leaning to become a Smart City.

    Middle East, especially Qatar, despite being a late bloomer for this kind of concept of living, have been focus on enhancing this as a need to their future goal of Qatar National Vision of 2030. ICT is now used on ongoing projects like Lusail City and Msheireb Downtown Doha where this new development is adopted.

    Connected with their advancement in ICT, using smart ways for the environment and economy, 3D rendering is also a smart way to go forward to an architectural advancement planning in the city. A tool that can be used going hand in hand with ICT advancement the city is aiming. If Dubai states that they are, at present, ranked with the smartest city in the world, we believe that architecture and interior design of Qatar can be a great progression to rank with them as well.

    5. Doha is very very very rich; Need I say more?

    Not only is this city rich in gas (although it is an advantage) but over the past decade the wealth produced from gas resulted to significant growth in urban development and producing world class facilities that is emerging in the Middle East. It’s not only the gas that is making Qatar rich at present but the number of constructions and interior design that is taking place at the market of this country.

    If UAE and Dubai is now on the front row of being the wealthiest in the Middle East and Bahrain despite being a small country is outperforming the regional average for some years, Qatar is almost at its peak on coming at first.

    To know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

    Andrea Corsini
    Founder and Design Director