The future of 3D Furniture Rendering in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arab’s real estate market along with its CGI and interiors market is poised for unprecedented growth, but small players need to pull their socks up to bring home the bacon.

“Middle East”, the widely circulated magazine published from London, recently predicted that the décor and furniture market in the Arabian Gulf will grow by 20% within 2018 yearend, particularly owing to the fast completion of projects which will be delivered over the next two years. It goes without saying that Saudi Arabia is the most attractive market for real estate developers, CGI specialists, decorators and furniture manufacturers. It’s the largest economy in the GCC and the population of the Kingdom is projected to cross 30 million by 2018 (the highest in the region). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also happens to be the biggest market for architectural rendering and 3D walkthrough, an area we specialize in.

The KSA has already garnered positive reviews from the world over for undertaking some of the biggest investments for upgrading its educational sector and improving its healthcare facilities, which also indicates that there is a massive possibility for growth for the interior decorators, manufacturers and fitters catering to the construction and interior decoration sectors and the ancillary players such as CGI specialists. The construction activities would surely influence growth in the interior design market in the GCC region, which would likely create a demand for 3D architectural rendering and 3D interior design services that we offer.

The Marketplace for Truly International Designs

Take a tour of Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar, Tabuk and other big cities and towns in Saudi Arabia and you will find some of the best hotels, healthcare facilities, and some of the most exquisitely designed commercial and residential buildings are located in these cities. This is the marketplace that demands the finest of craftsmanship, the best-in-class engineering and the use of most sophisticated technologies. If you are an interior designer or furniture manufacturer doing business in KSA, it’s high time that you jack up your competency so you can be in the same league as all the major players.

We’ve Got You Fully Covered

Since its inception, Render Atelier has been instrumental in the broad-spectrum growth of interior designers, furniture makers, and artifact makers and on the top of everything, real estate players. We are one of the most highly rated architectural rendering and 3D interior designing boutiques in Doha, Qatar.

If You Haven’t Yet Started Targeting Saudi Arabian Market, Here Are Few Good Reasons to…

If you are into interior designing or furniture manufacturing, you would be excited to know that the furniture industry in the KSA is one of the fastest growing industries in the Gulf region. The projected compound annual growth rate for the furniture industry will be around 11% during 2016-2020. Also, the lighting systems market is expected to grow by 11% between these years.

Excited? Well, let us also tell you that the KSA construction equipment market will also grow by 8.75% annually during the next five years. Furniture imports value will increase along with a lot of construction projects that are already lined up in the KSA. Also, the real estate market is to grow by 7.8% during the same period. In Riyadh and Jeddah only, 40,000 new hotel rooms will come up by 2018.

Where Does Your Business Stand?

Let’s go back to square one, should we?

If you are not utilizing the power of VISUAL PERSUASION in this highly competitive market, you ain’t doing anything. In order to tap in the market for unlocking the true potentials for your business, you need to make full use of the advanced technologies that can make your brand look more appealing, more competent, and more future-ready.

Or, you may simply go for 3D architectural rendering and CGI rendering services offered by Render Atelier. Good luck!

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director