Dubai’s set to be the 3D rendering Capital

dubaiWe just can’t get enough of Dubai! The city continues to amaze us with its enormous potential to become the nucleus of global 3D architectural rendering market.

So we take a look here at the 3D rendering Dubai market, its possibilities, latest developments and challenges.

The Design District of Dubai, where Zaha Hadid Architects already have an office (opened in early November), will soon have neofuturistic architects like Santiago Calatrava among its residents. The district will surely lead the way in terms of generation of new ideas and use of futuristic 3D architectural technologies in the years to come.

Why Has Dubai Design District a Pivotal Role to Play?

Dezeen architecture and design magazine claimed that about 30 innovative architectural and structural design firms will soon call The City of Gold their home. Dubai has been at the center of the Mid-Eastern and global architecture market for the past couple of years, and thus became a natural choice for world’s top designers and engineers to open their offices here. As a Qatar-based 3D interior rendering firm, we feel 3D rendering Dubai market is poised for further growth and expansion.

Taller Than Burj Khalifa?

Zaha Habid Architects recently revealed its plans for setting up an Urban Heritage Administration Centre in Saudi Arabia and also a plush hotel in Qatar. Santiago is also at work to come up with the design for an observation tower which would be taller than Burj Khalifa post completion. Also, Foster and Partners are now working on a skyscraper which will be nestled in the financial district of Dubai.

With all those fantastic projects going on deep inside the heart of the Middle East, we feel Dubai’s 3D rendering market can only move toward further growth.

3D Rendering Dubai: The Possibilities

Wall Street Journal quoted a global forecast report in March 2016 that the global 3D rendering market will grow from 431.1 million USD (2015) to USD 1602.3 million by 2020, which equals to a compound annual growth rate of 30.03%. The report also shows that North American region would be the highest revenue generator, followed by Middle-East and Europe. Also, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at the fastest rate over the next few years. Also, the incredible growth rate of the APAC and MEA regions can be attributable to rapid network connectivity enhancements.

Dubai 3D Rendering Market: The Future from Our Perspective

Thanks to our extensive experience of working with Dubai-based contractors, vendors, and architects, we anticipate a steep growth in demand for 3D rendering Dubai services from healthcare, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, automotive, education, consumer goods industries, apart from the usual – the construction industry.

We look to attend a number of seminars in Dubai from next month onwards. With a large number of ambitious projects coming up, we sincerely hope that the Dubai architectural rendering and design industry has much more potential than it shows now. Dubai will be our next destination. Here we come, The City of Superlatives!

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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Design Director