Dubai 3D Printed Commercial Building

Dubai’s architectural styles, trends and patterns are changing quite rapidly. We take a look behind the scene.

Hi There! You might have thought we’d taken a brief hiatus from thinking and working designs, but we were actually buried in 3D architectural rendering projects, and quite a pile of that. While we toured Dubai and the length and breadth of the Mid-East a couple of times over the past few months, we noticed that the City of Gold’s architectural styles, trends and patterns are changing quite rapidly, and we take a peek here behind the scene to find out what’s new and revolutionary happening in Dubai’s architectural design scene right now.

3D Printers Are Here!

We are quite used to those smart and sophisticated printers that are quite commonplace now in our workplaces. Life becomes a breeze when these printers shell out printed and tangible versions of our documents. And then, there are those that can print an entire office.

Exactly this is what happened in June this year in Dubai as a small group of employees started shifting to a new office which they claim as the world’s first completely functional workspace which is built using 3D printing and 3D architectural rendering technologies.

Amazed? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

The first 3D printed office in Dubai looks an interesting fusion of a Jetson’s home and a typical Apple store. Salf-al-Aleeli, the CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, told the press that the total construction cost of the building was around $140,000. The commercial building has a tree-shaded green deck and intelligent LED lights that adapt to the brightness level inside.

Dubai government hopes that the ambitious project will get the ball rolling for the emerging technology of 3D architectural designing in most future construction projects, if not all. Al-Aleeli predicted that within 20 years, the whole city of Dubai will be 3D printed.

Is It an Exaggeration?

We guess not, as we believe that 3D architectural designing is very much a practical solution to cumbersome and sluggish old-school process of hand drawing and designing. Also, CADs are no new technology. We, as a 3D rendering and architectural design boutique from Doha, Qatar, believe that Dubai will be the trailblazer among skyscraper cities around the world in this regard as the city has made smart moves toward welcoming the new technology.

Where Are We on the Map?

We are hopeful, to say the least. It’s good to see that 3D mapping and designing of geometrical objects and landscapes is fast taking the front seat in architecture. This is certainly one of the architectural rendering processes that have the potential to make structural designing a cost-effective yet incredibly fast process. In this digital age, everybody expects a fast response and architects need to be armed with the right tools to provide their clients with a clear idea and visualization of what is to be constructed.

We are a firm that aids in the process. We work in close coordination with the architects to create renderings and projections and even animations that help prospective clients to take a closer look at the projects that are in the incubation stage. We believe that Dubai’s race toward becoming a 3D enabled architecture-filled city is the first step toward a smarter planet in which, architectural rendering will become a more paperless process.

What Do We Offer?

We are a 3D architectural visualization studio with a futuristic vision and a very solid understanding of futuristic 3D technologies that are shaping the future skylines. We bring to the table a lot of hands-on working knowledge, plus a lot more. Visit this page to know more about what we can do for your upcoming construction projects.


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Andrea Corsini
Founder and Business Development Manager