Atlantida: The resurgence of a marvel

August 8, 2022

The mythical city of Atlantis has fascinated mankind for hundreds of years. The utopian establishment was said to epitomize beauty and tantalize the senses. Noval Properties took up the mammoth task of bringing the mythological city to life, resulting in their luxury residential project in the Caribbean: Atlantida.

When we were approached to create the renders for Atlantida, we knew it would be no ordinary project. The sheer scale of the proposed property, combined with the area’s breathtaking landscape, required our team to go above and beyond to create renderings that are nothing short of a visual spectacle.

In this case study, we’ll take you through our journey of creating renders for Noval Properties’ Atlantida, so you can understand the challenges, technology, and processes involved.

The Client Requirement

Noval Properties’ vision for Atlantida was to create majestic concentric structures that complemented the stunning landscape of the Dominican Republic. The renders had to show discerning investors how seamlessly Atlantida blends into the region, while still being memorable.

When it comes to grand architectural projects, such as Atlantida, precise yet artistic visualization is critical for creating a successful design presentation. Photo-realistic 3D exterior renderings allow the client to showcase their concept with unmatched precision. These renderings also make the idea easy to grasp for any viewer, a necessity for raising capital.

The renders required needed to reflect the impeccable design and fine finish of the 534 vacation apartments, which are connected by the largest pool in the Caribbean. The exterior renderings had to include multiple views and angles to showcase the grandeur of the project, while also highlighting the attention to detail.

The Rendering Process

Once we recieved the briefing and assets from the client, our team of expert designers, architects, and digital artists got to work. The focus of this project was creating exterior 3D building renders of Atlantida. The process was divided into two main stages. First, we creatied the architecture and environment in 3D. Next, we added people and cars in post-production.

Once the first draft was ready, we shared it with the client for their feedback; we believe in creating a collaborative environment where our clients are encouraged to give their honest inputs and thoughts. Once we understood the changes, we made the revisions to better align the renders with the client’s expectations.

The Render Atelier team only works with the most advanced rendering tools to help deliver the best possible outputs. Our digital artists used 3DStudio Max and Corona Render to create the stunning exterior renders. Forrest Pack was used to add smaller details like plants and trees.

The Render Atelier Experience

When you sign up with Render Atelier, your project immediately becomes a priority for our team. Since we are a boutique agency, we only take on limited projects but go the extra mile to ensure each client gets the best experience. Though small in size, our team comprises a variety of skillsets and expertise, ranging from architects and interior designers to digital artists. This ensures that the renders tell a creative story while being technically sound. We treat your project deadlines, end-customer, and reputation as ours, a quality that has helped us create a loyal client base across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our Tried and Tested Project Flow

At Render Atelier, we like to clearly demarcate and define each stage of the project. We also provide regular communication and reports to ensure our clients are on the same page.

  1. First, we speak with the client to understand their vision and brief. This involves a brainstorming session, where the team and client shares their ideas. We also go over existing assets, sketches and references at this time.
  2. Next, after the scope of work is finalized, we share the timelines and budgets. We offer a lot of flexibility in terms of design, scope and delivery, for any deadline, and are happy to create a package suited to your unique needs.
  3. Once the project is officially kicked-off, our talented team gets straight to work. We share numerous drafts of the renderings and make revisions as per the client feedback.
  4. The client is provided with a dedicated point-of-contact who can answer any queries in real time. Whether you’re looking for a status update, or need to connect for a more pressing query, we’re always available to help. You can also request a video call over Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype to speak with the team.
  5. Throughout the process, we are as transparent as possible. We’ll keep you abreast of any bottlenecks or challenges, and work towards finding quick solutions.
  6. Once the client is satisfied with the end product, we share the high-resolution files and that’s it! It’s truly that simple.

The Atlantida Renderings

What set our work for Atlantida apart is the effort put in to ensure the hyper-realistic end product, that brought out the beauty of the modern architecture while still honoring natural surroundings: the forests, streams, beaches.

Now that you’ve understood the process, it’s time to see the results! Our team made sure to convey the picturesque setting, the carefully-thought out landscaping, and the luxurious vibe of the project. We’re confident that once the project is completed, it’ll be nothing short of paradise.

If you’re looking for interior, architectural, product, or real-estate renderings, we’re here to help! Email us at [email protected] or fill out this form to discover the Render Atelier difference for yourself.