How to Instantly Sell a Project with Architectural Walkthrough

Architectural Walkthrough

What’s an Architectural Walkthrough?

An architectural walkthrough is a tool that’s far superior to a mere static 3D rendered image. When it comes to presenting your projects in the best light, you want to ensure that you have the best and the latest technology working for you. 3D Animation has become easier than ever to ensure your ideas get the recognition they deserve. The world of video dominates today’s media sphere. So, why not incorporate this in your architectural presentations as well?

Selling an idea is no longer a dilemma thanks to 3D Architectural Walkthrough

Every talented architect we’ve come across has always claimed that the most challenging task for all is not designing a building or an interior but selling that idea to a potential client. Without help from an architectural visualization studio like Render Atelier, they had to depend on charming their clients with elaborate speeches and hand-drawn sketches which lack so much of the detail, besides being well connected.

CGI is a game changer since it allows visualizing objects and spaces that have not been made in a near life-like photo-realistic manner. These images show rather than merely describe project and ideas of the designer. A good design that’s presented in this manner is bound to lure in the financial investment to make it a reality.

Computer graphics have been getting more and more lifelike to an extent that even experienced photographers and CGI professionals find it hard to tell a photo from a CGI image. These 3D rendered images were the perfect tool for architects and designers alike to showcase their ideas.

However, the wheels of time are set in motion yet again. No matter where you are, you are surrounded by digital screens capable of displaying high definition videos. You might even be reading this off one of those very screens right now. These screens no doubt do justice to 3D Rendered images, but that’s not all they can do. Here’s yet another opportunity to sell your vision in a more intimate manner: an animated architectural walkthrough. Read on to find out how 3D animation can enhance any design presentation!

5 reasons why Architectural Walkthrough is Effective Presentation without Words

#1. Immersive

If you’ve played or seen someone playing some of the latest 3D games, you’d know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s near impossible to argue that 3D animation is an extremely immersive medium. Now imagine the same amount of detail except this animation can be the space that you are designing or creating. It can be a CGI experience that’s tailor-made and is designed to make your vision enticing. Like games or movies, project your architectural animation on a large screen. This way the audience can really be immersed in the environment you have created and see the future building in its finest form.

#2. Realistic

A 3D Architectural walkthrough is not just a spectacle. At Render Atelier 3D Walkthrough company we meticulously scale our animations to the accurate dimensions of a location. We also use an architectural walkthrough software that uses CAD to accurately render every floor and the construction as a whole. The result is a perfect match between the digital and real world. This can prove to be a valuable tool on larger projects where multiple contractors work. It helps that everyone can visualize the end result and work to that end. We ensure that our CGI animations are so accurate and realistic that your clients will feel like they have visited your building and won’t need a guided tour once it’s built.

#3. Interactive

If you really want to step it up a notch, make the design presentation more interactive by using virtual reality. The only thing you need to do is to order a VR-compatible program. This software like Google Maps Street View allows clients to explore every corner of the building. Leave behind the mouse and keyboard and put on the VR headset. Clients can take in the finer details simply by turning in real life and looking around. A trip like that will have investors loosening their purse strings. Thanks to interactive VR Games you can now even allow your clients to alter the environment a little, like switching the lights on and off to allow them to visualize what space looks like when it’s lit up by lights in the evening or rolling up the blinds so they see the space in natural light.


#4. Visual Storytelling

Whether you use video or still images visual storytelling is the key element to successful sales. However, using these tricks are much easier in an architectural walkthrough. For example, if you want to point out the finer details like designer light fixtures or a stained glass window you could zoom in to these details. Sometime when presenting conceptual designs in architecture it helps convince the clients by showing step-by-step creation process from blueprint to finished project. Or sometimes when your architectural design is large and you want to convey scale it helps to have a 360-degree fly-around to give the idea of how large it is. These are just a few ideas that help sell your project. Do contact us for more details, depending upon your project we can suggest what will work best for you. The profits you will gain from the deal would justify spending coin on a professional architectural walkthrough.

#5. Convenient

The greatest opportunity that a 3D Architectural Walkthrough offers has to be the sheer convenience. With static images, though they are stunning the user does have to scroll through a number of them to get an idea of the entire room. The Architectural walkthrough, on the other hand, allows the viewer to sit back and enjoy the presentation. The added benefit, of course, is the absolute 3D interface. The screen becomes a window into your idea giving the user an experience of walking into your idea rather than looking at it. Secondly, you can use these videos can easily as marketing material on social media as well on broadcast media. They are easily transferable. So no matter where your client is located at you can beam them a presentation they won’t soon forget.

Most importantly, today copious quantities of visual information bombards us. Your clients too are well seasoned and have seen all that there has to be seen on the internet. As a designer it’s your job to wow them by assimilating all of the visual information into an easy to access medium. At Render Atelier 3D Rendering company we strive to do just that.

Given our years of experience and our in-house team of Digital Artist, we understand the problems you face in the changing market. Make your dreams come true today with our 3D rendering services!