3D Product Rendering for Furniture Industry

3D product rendering

It’s said a picture speaks a thousand words so we’ll let our work speak volumes. Would you believe that the image above is NOT a photograph? No, it was not shot in a studio. In fact, that particular (type of product/s) does not exist. Well, except in the mind of our 3D design artist and in the world of pixels. 3D rendering technology has progressed so fast that it’s become virtually impossible to tell if a picture is a real product or computer-generated image (CGI). Why not check out our 3D Product Rendering latest projects and have a look for yourself.

You might be thinking this comes with a price. Well, Render Atelier’s got you covered there as well.

Imagine if the image above was captured in a studio:

  • You’d have to pay the photographer.
  • Rent the studio.
  • Factor in the cost to produce the products.
  • Don’t forget to add in the transport.

In return, you get a couple of static photographs & a hefty bill. God forbid if there’s something wrong or you want to change some tiny detail the entire process would have to be repeated.

3D Product rendering: how we’re cheaper

No Studio Rent

First off we don’t need a studio. Our studios are virtual. This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re in London, Dubai or Tokyo, we can easily help your business grow. We create our settings, over which we have absolute control. It can be as large or small, as minimal or extravagant as you want it to be. Another advantage is the unparalleled control we have over light, not only can we change the angles but also the intensity as well as the colour temperatures. So if you ever wonder how certain coloured upholstery can brighten up a dull Monday in London, or which shades can cool in the searing heat of Dubai, we can simulate that easily.

No Physical Products No Transport

We don’t need your physical products, well except for the dimensions and a few photographs. So if you have an exclusive one of a kind product you need not endanger it in transport. Also, if you plan to be exclusive and don’t want to produce several units having our virtual copies works wonders.

Here’s the best bit: imagine you have a lovely chestnut coffee table in mahogany, well using our hyper-realistic textures and renders in a click of a button we could change it to any texture you want.

Maybe you want to test the market by introducing a new colour combination but are unsure if the product will sell. Don’t risk it! Allow us to make a digital render of it if it interests your clients, then you could go about making the real thing. Thus saving you both time and money and no extra photoshoots!

The New and improved Catalogue!

To give your clients a better feel for the product, you may want your product showcased in an actual living space as it would be in your clients’ home or office. You would also need a standalone image of the product against a white background. This would allow your clients to focus only on the product and not be distracted by anything else. You might also want to display a group of products that complement each other. We can do all that and more by merely clicking and dragging pre-rendered images.

Here’s a bonus: Come December and you would want to put out a Christmas Catalogue or maybe a whole Christmas themed ad campaign. Traditionally, you would need to do a photo-shoot but since we have a render of your product we can change and place it in any setting you choose. Additionally, we could change the textures as well as the colour of the furnishings to best suit the occasion. Oh, and guess what! Again you save on both time and money on your seasonal marketing!

If you require more information about 3D Product Rendering, we are happy to help you. Or maybe, you would like to find out why our 3D Furniture Rendering Services stand out.