Cg Exterior Visualization For Msheireb Downtown

Render Agency in Qatar

Render Agency in Qatar. The city of Doha was a fishing community with a pearling industry less than 40 years ago. Now, Doha It’s an economic powerhouse with skyscrapers that are sprouting up in the West Bay area, which is the image of Doha seen by the rest of the world.

Doha is an amalgam of traditional Arab and modern architecture. Development is everywhere, giving the impression that the entire city is a massive construction site. The city is based on sustainability, with a white and clean architecture that mesmerizes the entire world.

Msheireb Proprieties is a Qatar Foundation subsidiary that specializes in Real Estate Development.

Msheireb Proprieties’ purpose is to modify people’s perceptions of urban living and improve their overall standard of living through innovations that promote social connection, cultural respect, and environmental stewardship.

We are a rendering company in Doha, specialized on realistic architectural visualizations and 3d Renderings, and our main goal is to create the best architectural visualizations in order to give the viewer the most accurate perception of the future physical result through our 3d Renderings.

Our contribution on this project was building the entire model of the city in 3d, and creating scenographic day and night 3d visualizations to express the architectural atmosphere of the Msheireb Downtown.

Our rendering agency in Qatar is focused on exploring the nature and the potential of each architectural project through 3d renderings and visualizations. Render Agency in Qatar.

Location: Doha, Quatar

Client: Msheireb Proprieties

Project Purpose: Architectural Visualizations, 3d Renderings

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