3D Visualization For A Stylish Hotel Lobby


Hotel renderings. Through our client, Wilson Associates, Render Atelier was contracted to create 3D renderings of the interior lobby space of a high end hotel in Dubai. We took our clients construction documents, including floor plans, furniture schedules, and finish plans to create a realistic representation of the multiple spaces within the lobby.

Our talented team of architects, designers, and artists got to work on analyzing the documents, and determining the best vantage points for the still photos being rendered. An overhead shot of the public seating area was selected to call attention to the unique and colorful patterned design of the carpeted flooring. The 3D visualization process here was especially helpful for our client’s architects and interior designers to finalize their furniture placement plan in the space. Tall windows frame the space, guiding the eyes vertically up to highlight the tall ceilings. By seeing the realistic representations of the lobby through our renderings, they were able to see how to best maintain the flow of the space.

SImilarly, a view of the intricate staircase design was included to showcase a focal point in the lobby. Elements like indoor plants, natural lighting, and elegant furniture designs completed the look in this space. While the project and client were located in Dubai, the London based Render Atelier team proved their skills in both providing excellent final designs, and prioritizing our clients needs. We have mastered the art of rendering as well as the customer service aspect, and keep our clients informed every step of the way. Hotel renderings.

Winter Villa / Hotel Lobby Dubai

Client: Wilson Associates
Project Location: Dubai, UAE
Project typology: Architectural Renderings

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