Photoreal 3D Render For a Hotel

3D rendering hotels projects

3D rendering hotels projects. The Rove Manara Mall Hotel is situated in the northernmost Emirate, and is surrounded by pristine gulf beaches. This elegant high rise building was designed as an addition to the existing aManar Mall, and sits on the water’s edge.

VX Studio, our client, was in the process of developing a detailed design for this project, and brought us on board to create 3D Renderings of the architectural details of the building. The Render Atelier team diligently listened to the client, and studied the design intent in order to provide photorealistic architectural visualizations that the client could use as the focal point for their design presentations. We highlighted the key elements of the facade, overlooking the water, detailing the experience that it would create for guests visiting the hotel.        

As a 3D rendering agency based in London, we specialize in creating hyper realistic renderings for clients and projects around the world.          

The quality of our work speaks for itself, and provides an excellent return on investment for projects in the earlier phases of development. Our experienced team of architects, designers, and artists uses advanced CGI technologyto bring conceptual designs to life, adding details down to a granular level to ensure the best result.                              

Our team is excited with the opportunity to help new clients bring their designs to life. Let us put our rendering skills to the test on your next project, and you’ll see first hand how detailed our 3D visualizations can get. 3D rendering hotels projects.

Client: VX Studio Dubai
Project Location: Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Project typology: Architectural Renderings           

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