Photoreal 3D Render For Furniture Company

3D product visualization. In partnership with Italian furniture brand Vibieffe, the Vibieffe Catalogue was created showcasing 3D product renderings and furniture photorealistic visualizations that highlight the brand’s newest collection. Render Atelier was brought on board to help the client create realistic representations of the furniture collection that would be used in the upcoming catalog being distributed.

For this project, we incorporated the Vibieffe furniture pieces into interior architectural spaces that allow them to be seen as they are intended to be used. From dining tables and chairs to light fixtures and bookcases, we worked together with the design team to ensure we captured the best representation of every item. By including finishes, and details such as lighting and flooring elements, viewers can get a true sense of how each furniture piece would look in a space.

As a 3D rendering company, we help a variety of clients in different business sectors with their 3D product visualization needs. This includes product development, architectural design, and many other businesses which seek to create realistic representations of their product for marketing purposes, presentations, or sales content.

We have a team of architects, designers, and artists who are passionate about creating detailed furniture visualizations to suit each individual client’s needs. Throughout the process, client satisfaction is our top priority. We look forward to learning about your project and how we can help bring it to life through photorealistic 3D renderings.

Client: Vibieffe

Project Location: Italy

Project Typology: Product Renderings

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