Photorealistic Cgi For A Chic London VIP Lounge

3D photorealistic visualizations

3D photorealistic visualizations

3D photorealistic visualizations

3D photorealistic visualizations

A VIP experience that incorporates a wide variety of luxury for its guests I’d exactly what the Northrow VIP Lounge is all about. Through the use of our elegant 3D photorealistic visualizations, the Render Atelier brought the space to life. Highlighting unique lighting fixtures and furnishings, the Northrow VIP lounge offers a unique experience.

Our team of talented rendering professionals took the conceptual design for the Northrow VIP lounge project and turned it into a reality. In partnership with our client, we were able to incorporate all of the custom and one of a kind features designed for this space into the commercial renderings. Materials, finishes, and furnishings all come together into cohesive still images that show off all that the lounge has to offer.

The Render Atelier team worked together with the Northrow VIP lounge design team to ensure all details were captured accurately and created a realistic representation of the newly created space.

Our London rendering company is made up of architects, designers, and artists who work together to create photorealistic 3D visualizations in various formats, including still images, video walk throughs. and 3D tours of spaces.

Bringing the Render Atelier team on board can help guide your design process. By showcasing architectural design details in our 3D visualizations, design professionals can make informed decisions based on what the finished product is projected to look like.

We look forward to partnering with you on your next project!

Project name: Northrow VIP Lounge

Location: London

Project type: Interior Architectural Renderings, 3D photorealistic visualizations


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