3D Visualization For A the Stylish W Hotel Lobby in Miami

3d architectural renderings in Miami

3d architectural renderings in Miami. W Miami Hotel is part of W Hotels Worlwide, a luxury hotel chain, part of the Marriott Group. Their motto regarding the design is “design that defies expectations in iconic destinations.”

W design is all about taking chances and pushing the envelope. The inspiration comes from the place and then flip it on its head, challenging what you think you know about classic destinations like the Mediterranean, the Maldives, and Shanghai.

We are a 3d rendering agency in London  offering CGI services, specialized on realistic architectural visualizations and 3d Renderings, and our main goal is to create the best architectural visualizations in order to give the viewer the most accurate perception of the future physical result through our 3d Renderings.

Marzipan Interiors contacted us with the task of creating the most astonishing photorealistic interior visualizations for the new W Hotel lobby in Miami.

Our goal for this interior design was to create detalied textures with real-life colors and accurate scaling, proper lighting and illumination to give visuals life and make textures perfectly and a well-balanced composition to represent realistic and appealing space organization and interrelation between its elements. 3d architectural renderings in Miami


CLIENT: Marzipan interiors

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